“You were too beautiful for the role of Patty.” Ola Adamska receives a Telekamera for her ‘conviction’

“Skazana” was awarded Telekamera Tele Week 2023 in the series category. Ola Adamska, who plays Pati, thanked the production fans for their votes. And she wrote on Instagram: “Thank you that Telekamera came into our hands. It’s really sweet and heavy” – on Instagram. She also revealed the reason for her hairstyle change.

“Scared” is a big hit player originIn 2022, production has run approximately 5.7 million hours. The Telekamery statuette was received by series producer Tomasz Blachnicki, director Bartosz Konopka and Aleksandra Adamska, who was also nominated for a Telekamery Award in the Actress category (she took 2nd place). Film Patty came to the party with her brother-in-law, actor Bartosz Borczek.

Ola Adamska and Bartosz Borcock TVN24

What is the topic of “scars”?

The main character of the series is the District Court Judge of Katowice, Alicja Mazur (Agata Koliza), who is unexpectedly accused of a murder she did not commit. She ends up in prison, where she has to survive among the women she has previously doomed herself to. In “The Convict 2”, Alija’s daughter Hania (Martyna Peczkowska) is also imprisoned. Recently, Player confirmed that we’ll see “Skazana” 3 later this year. The plot outline has not been disclosed, but it is known that Gabriela Muskała, Leszek Lichota, among others, will join the cast.

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How Adamska won Pati’s Choice

Aleksandra Adamska, who plays Patty (she shares a cell with Judge Mazur), has become a favorite with viewers. Another story was created about her heroine series “patty”. – The whole character emerged from me, – Adamska told Viva.pl. The director of the series, Bartosz Konopka, gave her the go-ahead to play Patty. Adamska had a major influence on her dialogue portions. To justify the fact that her character uses “clever words,” she invented the girl in prison doing crossword puzzles. The actress does not hide that she started from her lost place in the acting process. “Some people thought I was too feminine and pretty for the part,” she said. She put it all on one card: she licked her hair with olive oil, “spoiled” her complexion with burgundy lipstick, and instead of the scenes she was asked for, she sent Patty’s monologue to the producers.

“patty” serieswhich collects a lot of good reviews – mainly for the role of Adamska, can be viewed in Player. On May 26, the premiere of the fifth episode of the series.

“Patti” / Comments

Adamska in a new role

Why did Patty cut her hair? This is what interests her fans the most after last night. The actress posted a video of the transformation on May 1 on her social media. She also revealed that the decision to make a drastic cut was dictated by the requirements of the new role. The hairstyle is the work of her brother-in-law, Bartosz Borczyk, with whom she appeared on Telekamerach. Her sister Elena’s husband is not only an actor (“Colors of Happiness”, “Commissar Alex”), but also a hairdresser. Thanks to her sister, Alexandra became an actress. – She was the first to embark on the path of acting. (…]We went through a lot together, walking hand in hand, holding hands. Both in private life and in professional life. This is how our relationship grew stronger. My sister at some point went in a different direction and began to realize herself as a theater choreographer, but even when we worked together for A year and a half at the Capitol Musical Theater in Wroclaw, there was no such jealousy… We sat next to each other in the same dressing room and were the happiest in the world because we could play together, – Alexandra said in What a week.

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