You are 60 years old, so you don’t need to go to the gynecologist anymore? It’s a mistake. Get an ultrasound, HPV test and cytology for free in a mobile office

Every fourth woman over sixty does not consider it necessary to visit a gynecologist. Older women rarely visit gynecologists preventively. They only do this when something bothers them. Meanwhile, there are many diseases of the reproductive system, including cancer, to which they are exposed. As part of the “In the interest of women” campaign, a mobile gynecological clinic has been launched in Poland. Every woman, including the disabled, will be able to undergo the examination for free. Check if it will also be in your city.


In the offices I receive Visits by women over 59 years old are rareAnd if they do occur, it is rarely a preventive visit. Most often, young girls who plan sexual intercourse come, start contraception, get pregnant, and after conception they do some of these tests. And where are these 59-plus women? They come when they have problems – said the obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Joanna Bonaryk-Shtaba.

This is confirmed by the results of a survey on the prevention of gynecological diseases conducted by SW Research on behalf of the Watch Health Care Foundation and Gedeon Richter. It included 332 women over 59, of whom 61 had confirmed disabilities.

Almost showed it Out of every third woman who has not visited a gynecologist in the past two years or more, and about 14 percent. I don’t remember when this visit took place. Moreover, in the past three years 39 percent The respondents did not have or did not remember whether or not they had a cytological examination 90 percent You have not been (or do not remember being) tested for human papillomavirus (a virus that contributes to the development of cervical cancer).

One in four respondents stated that it is because of age I don’t see the need to see a gynecologist. The most common reason for skipping gynecological exams by women over 59 is There are no complaints – such an answer is indicated by up to 40 percent. study participants.

Meanwhile, a woman of any age should see a gynecologist At least once a year. There are gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory conditions, that affect women as young as 35 years old, but also as young as 75 years old. Annual inspections will help us avoid many health problems – confirms Dr. Bonarik-Shtaba.

It comes to look like Cytology, gynecological examinations, ultrasound examinations, HPV testing. Annual (at least once every three years) cytology Important for early detection of precancerous changes in the cervix, transvaginal ultrasound for early diagnosis, for example, endometrial cancer (endometrial cancer).

According to gynecologists today there are many ways in which These problems can be prevented.

After the age of 50, we must remember that a woman is changing, and she will act differently. She is often afraid that the examination will harm her. And this is painful because the vaginal mucosa becomes atrophic over time, the gynecologist explains.

This is due to a lack of hormones. The expert added that the solution for example Use of moisturizers. In addition, you can use physiotherapy or cosmetic gynecology when the problem of lowering the vaginal walls, reducing pelvic floor tension and incontinence begins.

The study conducted by our foundation (…) confirmed that we, women, unfortunately still have too much We often don’t see the need to take care of ourselves. we go to the doctor with my husband, with children and grandchildren; We know that we must also be with ourselves, but there is still something more important – its value Milena KruszewskaPresident of the Watch Health Care Foundation.

The campaign “We see! We achieve. For the interests of women “, the fifth edition of which opened on Wednesday, aims to encourage women to take care of their health and visit a gynecologist regularly. To make it easier for women to actually get tested On May 27, the mobile gynecological office goes on tour The campaign, which will visit eight cities in three governorates: Lodz, Lubowski and Zakodenepomorsky.

There you will be able to benefit from free gynecological consultations and tests, such as cytology, ultrasound and HPV testing, as well as consultations with a gynecological physiotherapist. The study will be open to all women, with a particular focus on women over the age of 59. The office is also adapted for people with disabilities.

Cabinet track schedule:

  • Łódź – May 27,
  • Zdunska Wola – May 28,
  • green mountain – June 2,
  • Międzyrzecz – June 3,
  • Strzelce Krajeńskie – June 4,
  • Szczecin – June 9,
  • Świnoujście – tenth of june,
  • Medzyzdroy – June 11th.

As Kruszewska reminded, the World Health Organization projects that by 2030, 1 in 6 people in the world will be at least 60 years old. He currently lives in Poland 5.5 million women are in old ageAnd due to the aging of society, women of this age will account for 22.2%. The total population of the country.

We are living longer, but in order for us to enjoy a longer quality of life, We have to take care of ourselves – summed up Kruszewska.

Joanna Morga

source: In the interest of women 2023

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