XV Equality March in Wroclaw. We demand an immediate end to hate propaganda.

On Saturday, the 15th Equality Parade takes place in Wroclaw. The organizers announced about 10,000 people. Protesters want minorities more protected in the public space. Demands also included access to abortion and reliable sex education in schools.

Saturday at the 15th, the Equality March starts from Plac Wolnoci in Wroclaw. This is the fifteenth edition of this event. The organizers announced the participation of about 10,000 people.

“This march cannot be stopped! Our stubbornness in the struggle for equal rights for all cannot be stopped. Our hope of winning this battle cannot be suppressed!” – announced the organizers of the event.

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XV Equality March in WroclawTVN24

Equality march and the city

The procession runs along Modrzejewska, Świdnicka, Piłsudskiego, Kołłątaja and Piotra Skargi streets, through Plac Dominikański and along Oławska and Kazimierza Wielki streets. Then March turns around and, through Święty Mikołaj, Kazimierza Wielki and Zamkowa streets, it will return to Wolnoci Square. The procession is expected to end before 6 p.m. 19.

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XV Equality March in WroclawTVN24

Although the culmination part of the event is the parade itself, the town of Equality has been working on Wolnoci Square since the morning. The organizers reported their demands on social media. They noted, “We demand an immediate halt to hate propaganda in public places.” They added that they also wanted to edit the art. 119 of the Penal Code and the addition of homophobia, transphobia and hate speech towards people LGBT+ as grounds for discrimination. They also call for streamlined legal and medical procedures in the gender recognition process for transgender people, as well as reliable sex education in school curricula.

LGBT+ equality ranking. Poland ranks last in the European UnionMarta and Racho / Facti Po Poludnie TVN24

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