Wojciech Dąbrowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGE: Every fourth Polish student has participated in cultural educational projects supported by PGE

PGE is one of the largest sponsors of culture and sports in Poland. In its sponsorship activities, it pays special attention to the implementation of projects aimed at the development and education of children, as well as the support of local communities.

PGE is one of the largest companies in Poland, a leader in energy transformation with huge organizational and financial potential. We use this ability to support our sponsoring partners. For PGE, sports sponsorship and culture sponsorship are not limited to company and brand promotion. These activities are a very important component of our social responsibility – we want to be a socially engaged sponsor. Therefore, we attach great importance to the implementation of projects in the field of children’s development and education. Through sponsorship, we build our commitment to social development, supporting local communities, promoting physical activity and sport, but also promoting culture – says Wojciech Dąbrowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna – as a state-owned company, we serve society by ensuring energy security through Supplying electricity and warmth, but also supporting its development, especially in the “small homelands” – adds Wojciech Dybrowski.

PGE is a partner of Polish sports and a catalyst for the development of children’s and youth’s physical culture

PGE, as a partner of Polish sports and vital for the development of children’s and youth’s physical culture, not only supports professional sports, ensures the improvement of conditions for Polish representatives, but also provides funds for the development of sports infrastructure necessary for children and youth to play sports.

Supporting every discipline, PGE collaborates with partners at many levels: professional, amateur, children’s and educational. Another component of PGE sports care is the promotion of physical activity among young children as a form of leisure.

As part of the PGE “Junior” program, in 2022 PGE will collaborate with 25 sports academies in disciplines such as: football, basketball, volleyball, as well as judo and skiing. The goal of the program is to develop children’s interest in a particular discipline. Thanks to the support of PGE, more than 6,000 children have been trained in the 25 clubs covered by the programme. In total, 18,000 children participated in sports activities organized by PGE-sponsored entities in 2022.

On a professional level, PGE supports the Polish national teams and the most important national clubs from various sports disciplines. In 2022, professional athletes supported by PGE have won nearly 250 medals at the World and European Championships.
Another component is amateur sports, in which PGE promotes recreational physical activity. The main project is “Winter PGE Narodowy on Tour”, which encourages whole families to go skiing. In 2022, 420 thousand people will participate in it. Participants in 10 Polish cities.

PGE is an effective and efficient sponsor

PGE is a committed but also effective partner in its business. PGE sponsorship effectiveness in 2022 is 817 percent. – which means that every zloty that PGE spends on sponsorship in 2022 has returned more than 8 times.
At the same time, social awareness of sports and cultural activities undertaken by PGE is increasing. As part of research conducted on behalf of PGE by the Ariadna National Research Panel Institute, in February 2022, on a group of 1,000 subjects, approximately 50 percent. of the respondents indicated PGE as a sponsor of Polish sport, as many as 63 percent. Agree with the statement that PGE is a partner of Polish sport and vital for the development of physical culture of children and youth.

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