What’s in grilled sausage? Such a sausage will be best on the grill

Spring and summer weekends in Poland smell like a barbecue. The weekend in May usually opens up grilling season, which we do on weekends, and we usually end up grilling sausage, pork neck, bacon, and skewers. This time we decided to look at the combinations of sausages that are bought with such a passion for grilling. There are simple rules that will allow you to choose the best sausage.


Under the name Grill, Grill, Weekend or Classic – Silesian or Plain. Sausages with these names are waiting in store refrigerators to be bought for grilling. Before we rejoice at the appetizing crust and the package that ends up in the basket, let’s take a look at the composition of the product.

At the beginning of May, we went to one of the famous supermarkets to check out the cold cuts that were offered to customers. Silesian sausage on the grill in a package by weight 0.6 kg in promotion cost PLN 11.99, which is less than 20 PLN per kilogram. The price is attractive, installation is not necessary.

Pork and poultry sausage, minced medium size, smoked, steamed, has a very long composition:

Pork and poultry ingredients 70% (including pork 44%, mechanically separated chicken meat 26%), water, pork skins, pork fat, potato starch, salt, vegetable fiber: bamboo, gluten-free wheat, soy protein isolate, Stabilizers: E451, E450, E452, E508, E262, Thickener: E407, Emulsifiers: E471, E472c, Antioxidants: E301, E316, Glucose, Spices (contains mustard), Sugar, Flavor Enhancer: E621, Smoke Flavor, Preservative : E250, edible casing: pork intestines

There is a lot going on here and we should be concerned at this point. Of course, all ingredients are approved for use in food production, but this does not mean that they will have a beneficial effect on our digestive system.

Silesian sausage from another manufacturer in a package 735 grams is available for PLN 24.49, (PLN 33.32 / kg). This time a medium smoked steamed minced pork sausage. The composition is slightly shorter than the previous one:

Pork (67%), Water, Pork Fat, Potato Starch, Gluten Free Wheat Fiber, Salt, Stabilizer: E451, Pork Collagen Protein, Thickener: E407, Glucose, Antioxidants: E301, E315, Spice Extracts, Flavor Enhancers : E621, E631, Spices, Aroma, Smoke Flavor, Maltodextrin, Preservative: E250, Produced in pork intestines

Another manufacturer offers sausages that are labeled as 100% meat, a For 400 grams we will pay PLN 21.9955 PLN per kilogram. It is pork sausage, medium minced, smoked, steamed, in an edible pork casing. Very short composition:

Pork (100g of the product was obtained from 100g of pork), salt, spices, spice extracts, gluten-free wheat fibre, pork protein, dried acerola fruit.

As you can see, the meat content that we buy for the grill can be very different – both in composition and in price. This is often determined by quality.

  1. The shorter the composition of the product, the better. Ideally, there should be meat, fat and spices. It should not contain enhancers, such as potato starch and monosodium glutamate.
  2. The second rule says that sausages with less water, such as Krakowska sausage or kabanos, will be less suitable for grilling, because they will become very dry quickly. Practitioners suggest choosing Silesian sausage or white sausage.
  3. In terms of hash, it’s best to reach for medium-sized chopped sausage.

Before Easter, representatives of the agricultural industry, food producers and manufacturers appeal to consumers to be guided not only by the price, but above all by the source and composition of the products. They persuaded me to buy In small local butcher shopsIn this way to support those who find it difficult to compete with the chains, often imposing unfavorable purchase terms on the producers.

In an appeal issued by the Association of Butchers and Meat Producers of the Republic of Poland he encouraged people to consider whether it would be better to buy lower quality but better products. In this way, we can reduce the waste of food purchased “on the hill”.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on i.pl

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