Weather for today – Saturday 27.05.2020 First sunny day of the weekend

No rain is expected for Saturday. There will be a lot of sun all over Poland. The temperature will reach 17 to 21 degrees Celsius.

Saturday promises to be sunny, and there will be a sunny halo in the center of the country. The maximum temperature ranges from 17-18°C in the Suwałki region to 20-21°C in Lower Silesia. Winds blow moderately from the northeast in most regions, and are weak and variable in the west.

Biometeo terms

Air humidity in most parts of the country will reach 40-60 percent. Thermal comfort will be felt in most parts of Poland. Biometeorological conditions will be favourable.

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Weather for today – Warsaw

in in Warsaw Saturday looks sunny. As for the maximum temperature, it ranges between 19 and 20 degrees Celsius. Winds from the northeast, moderate speed. At noon, the barometers will read 1013 hectopascals and the pressure will drop.

Weather for today – Tricity

population Gdanskand seriously and Sopot Sunny Saturday awaits. Thermometers show a maximum of 16-18 degrees Celsius. Moderate winds blowing from the eastern directions. At noon the pressure will reach 1028 hPa and decrease.

Weather for today – Poznan

Saturday Poznan It will be sunny. The maximum temperature rises to 19-20 degrees Celsius, and the northeast winds are moderate in speed. The pressure at noon will be 1016 hPa and will decrease.

Weather for today – Wroclaw

Saturday also in Wroclaw I’ll bring sunshine. Thermometers show a maximum of 19-20 degrees Celsius, and the winds are weak and moderate in the north direction. At noon the pressure will reach 1012 hPa and will drop.

Weather for today – Krakow

On Saturday, moderate clouds are expected in Krakow. Maximum temperatures range between 8-10 degrees Celsius. Moderate northwesterly winds blowing towards the north. At noon the pressure will be 997 hPa and will decrease.

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