We met the best “criminal” policemen from the Podlasky Voivodeship. In June, the national final

County eliminations for the 2023 Criminal Service Cop of the Year competition have ended. The best policemen of the criminal department of Podlasie were awarded prizes, cups and diplomas. On the platform were officers from Bialystok, Sowaki and Simaticze. The national final will be held in June at the Police School in Biasha.

This week the qualifying rounds for the “Criminal Service Police Officer of the Year 2023” competition were held at the Police Prevention Department in Bialystok. A total of 17 four-person teams consisting of the best criminal investigators competed for the title of best officers of the criminal department in Podlasie.

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Each of the starting groups consists of investigative policemen, operational policemen, forensic technicians, and officers who oversee the work of the criminal division.

– As part of the competition, men in uniform had to compete in three competitions. When solving the general knowledge test, the police officers had to demonstrate a very good knowledge of the criminal law and the systems of the chosen service. At the shooting range, the uniformed officers had to show their physical fitness in the obstacle course and a moment later with the meticulous deputy commissioner of eye lists Marcin Gureloc of the Podlasie Police press team.

Other tasks await the uniformed officers on May 23. One was a case where the task of the policemen was to determine the legal capacity of a juvenile and to record the individual procedural steps to be performed. On the other hand, police technicians are tasked with securing forensic evidence.

After the conclusion of the competition and the summary of the results, the winners of the individual competitions and the best teams were selected. The best criminal police officers of Podlaskie Voivodeship turned out to be uniforms from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Białystok. The second place went to the police officers from the Powiat Police Headquarters in Semiatekze, and the officers from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Sławacki took the lowest step on the podium.

Policemen from the municipal police headquarters in Białystok won the title of best operational and investigative police officer and team supervisor. In turn, the best forensic technician was a uniformed representative of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Suwałki.

All winners were awarded with trophies, cups and certificates. They were handed over by the deputy chief of the Bialystok Regional Police, Inspector Jacek Tarnowski.

Now, the four best criminals will represent the Podlaskie Voivodeship in the national championship final, which will be held in June at the Police School in Piła.

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