We know the winners of the 68th National Recitation Competition. It is the oldest and most prestigious competition of this kind in Poland

It was poignant, sublime, and sometimes poetic. On Friday, May 26, at the Podlaski Institute of Culture in Białystok, the regional qualification rounds for the 68th National Recitation Competition took place. It is the oldest and most prestigious competition of this kind in Poland.

– We would like to congratulate all the participants who gave us unforgettable impressions, – emphasized Emilia Viskovska, District Elimination Coordinator for the Competition from the Art Department of the Podlasie Cultural Institute in Białystok. – With their speeches, they not only demonstrated their talents, but also aroused hope for the continuation of the art of the living word. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. Your passion and commitment is invaluable and will certainly inspire us to continue supporting and organizing such competitions.

23 readers, singers and lovers of the living word presented themselves on the stage of the Białystok Spodek. They were high school students and adults. They competed in three championships: recitation, singing poetry, and the championship “derived from the word.” During the intermission, the Theater of Small Figures presented the scene “Childhood”.

The jury chaired by the President of the Association for Theatrical Culture, Jan Zdziarski, with the participation of Dr. Magdalena Kiszko Dujledko – actress and lecturer at the Theater Academy of the Warsaw Branch in Białystok, and Marta Zachkiewicz from PIK, after long discussions, made a difficult selection and selected the winners in each category.

Song Poetry Competition:

  • Marcel Nitko – Honorable Mention
  • Igor Gatel – second prize
  • Martina Roskowska – First Prize

championship “derived from the word”

  • Małgorzata Krawczuk – Honorable mention

Recitation Championship – Adults

  • Anna Colizza – Honorable Mention
  • Walentyna Waszczuk – 2nd prize
  • Włodzimierz Wiesiołowski – First Prize

Youth Recitation Championship

  • Julia Truk – Honorable Mention
  • Anna Vrobloska – Honorable Mention
  • Gas Phonic – Third Prize
  • Sandra Karowska – 2nd prize
  • Ursula Zasuna – First Prize
  • Amelia Jelska – First Prize

The competition is ongoing, serves the mother tongue and literature, and restores the word to its sincerity, life, that is, beauty, and the work of the participants and their parents results in a high quality of the practiced art.

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