Vulgar recording by Andrei Syurin. Talk about Kaczyński and Orban

And a recording appeared on Twitter in which Andrzej Seweryn expressed himself in unflattering words, among other things. About Jaroslav Kaczynski. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and former US President Donald Trump were also injured.

He calls them fascists and states that they need a “f…p”.

Seweryn insults Kaczyński

The video may have been posted to Twitter by Tomasz Lis. It is true that the video has already disappeared from the journalist’s account, but it is still circulating on the Internet.

In the 1-minute, 17-second video, the p-word is used eight times. Andrzej Seweryn addresses “Dear Child”.

Remember, it’s your job to accompany them. You’re young, you don’t understand what I’m saying yet, but you will soon. When you are a teenager or even earlier, you will understand who you have to have sex with and not care about anything, says the actor.

All these Trumps, Kaczyńskis, Orbans f … c, you understand, you need f … p. No Christian dialogues, no, you know, understanding, discussion, agreement. No, and …, and …, the fascists need to …, not argue with them, because they will use this dialogue to make you … Syurin says.

They are bandits concludes the actor.

Below is the registration. Warning, contains profanity.

Kalita: P.. Is this the slogan of the Sunday march?

Soren’s statement has not escaped the attention of law and justice politicians. Radosław Fogiel noted that the actor was going to a rally organized by the opposition against “high prices, theft and lies”, which would take place on June 4 in Warsaw.

“He will be in the march… Do you want to march under these slogans?” – asks the former spokesman for the Law and Justice party on Twitter.

It also made it possible to register with Seweryn, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Pawick Japonski. “Oh, Andrzej Seweryn has gone crazy too. It’s really sad.” comment.

Q… Is the slogan of Sunday’s march? This is Tusk and Trzaskowski’s smiling, open and tolerant Poland. First Lis, now Seweryn. “This is the result of many years of acceptance by opposition circles of hateful language,” said Sebastian Caleta.

Andrzej Seweryn invites you to march

A few days ago, another recording was posted on Twitter, in which Andrzej Seweryn invites you to the June 4 rally.

– We have to do what may depend on us, given that a lot happens and does not depend on anyone, – he said, quoting Stanisław Wispienski.

Let’s do something that depends on us. Let’s meet on June 4 in Warsaw. Let us show our strength, solidarity and unity.

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