[Uwaga spoiler]. The creator of “Caliphate” explains the ending. He talks about the only right choice

In the final episode of “Succession,” Waystar Royco is taken in by the only right person — hit series creator Jesse Armstrong is judged in a supplement to the HBO finale titled “Narrative Control.”

Editor’s note: In this text you will find the epilogue to the final episode of the series. So if the last episode is ahead of you or you plan to watch the entire series, we invite you to read this text after watching.

It is “the most humiliating ending imaginable,” says The Guardian reviewer Lucy Mangan of Succession, episode 10. Eric Kane in Forbes commented, “(the episode) wraps up the story of Roy’s family in a way that’s both fascinating and harrowing”.

And what does the creator say about the last episode of the series?

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Jesse Armstrong comments on the final episode of “Succession” [spoiler]

I knew “the idea of ​​making Tom the successor” to Logan Roy was “the right end for a long time,” Armstrong admits in the final bonus episode, commenting on the subject of making Tom CEO of Waystar Royco. “While[Tom]is not the most powerful ruler you will ever meet, he is one of those people who rises to the top by submitting to the influential people around him,” explains the creator of “Caliphate.”

Speaking of the Roy siblings, Armstrong admitted that he “thought about their fate.” The creator of the show explains: “It’s not over (with the ending – ed.).” wanted, which is the prize fixed by their father, i.e. the possibility of succession. Roman ended exactly where he began. Shiv is still in the game, but he’s in an emotionally barren place. As for Kendall, these events will never cease to be the center of his life and the most important of his days and years. Continuing on the theme of the eldest member of the royal family, he adds that “while Kendall could start his own business or do something else, the chances of him attaining a status similar to that of his father are very low, and that is something that leaves a mark throughout his life.”

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