US Ambassador to OSCE in an interview with TVN “Fakty”: Poland’s security is guaranteed

Michael Carpenter, US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, in an interview with Marcin Wrona, correspondent of TVN “Facti” in Washington, commented on the words of Alexander Lukashenko about the “Wagnerians’ tour to Warsaw and Rzeszow”. Poland is a member of NATO. He stressed that the alliance is committed to defending every inch of its land against any attack from any country.

Michael Carpenter, Ambassador to the United States Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe He is also a close advisor to the president Joe Biden. In an interview with Marcin and Rona, he talks about the support the US provides Ukraine regarding the assault Russia for this country.

– Our support for Ukraine is very stable and will remain so in the future. We will be with Ukraine as long as it is needed, because in the end it is not only about our interests or our geopolitical position, about the principles of the international system. It is about basic human decency, human values. A world in which we are not afraid of one country torturing the people of another invaded country, because this is exactly what is happening in Ukraine now.

If we left it, we would live in a completely different world.

President Biden understands that it is about the rules of the international system and our values, principles and commitments. If we let her go, we would live in a completely different world. We will stand with Ukraine as long as it does not win this war, until the country is liberated and people can continue to live in a secure and sovereign Ukraine, Carpenter continued.

At the same time, he stressed that Ukraine can win this war. “Western, humanitarian, financial and military support is crucial, but Ukrainians also have a moral advantage as they fight for their families, neighborhoods, cities and villages and defend their freedom against a tyrant from another country,” he said.

Marcin and Rona in conversation with US Ambassador to the OSCE Michael CarpenterTVN Facts

Carpenter: What’s happening now is the failure of the Russian system

He also asked Marcin and Rona Carpenter about recent statements by Alexander Lukashenko. During Sunday’s meeting with Putin in St Petersburg, Lukashenko said that it is based on Belarus The mercenaries of Wagner’s group “asked permission to move to the West, they want to go on a campaign to Warsaw and Rzeszow.”

The US State Department’s comment on Lukashenko and Putin’s words about Poland

The ambassador assessed that “this is another example of Russian and Belarusian cooperation regarding threats to the West.” “We hear all the time about the clanging of nuclear swords that Putin and Lukashenko did in the past. What is happening now is the failure of the Russian system,” he said.

Wherever these mercenaries go, “they bring death and destruction with them,” said Carpenter of the Wagner Group. – Now, when we look at Belarus, we have to ask ourselves whether it is beneficial for the citizens of Belarus or not (that the Wagnerians ended up there – Ed.). He said the answer is clearly wrong.

– Recently there have been threats against Poland. The fact is that Poland is a member of NATO. The Alliance is committed to defending every inch of its territory against attack from any country. Poland’s security is guaranteed. He said we have a very lasting relationship, bilateral as well, which President Biden has confirmed several times during his visits to Poland.

Marcin and Rona’s full conversation with the US Ambassador to the OSCE, Michael CarpenterTVN Facts

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