Tragedy in Whisuka

Bronisław Duszyński accompanied by Władysława Buczek (future wife)
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Friday 26 May 2023 (09:48)

The mystery of Lieutenant’s death. Bronisław Dłuszyński, ps. eagle.

Bronislaw Duszyński aka Tadeusz Głowa, ps. Sęp, Uga, was born on 26 October 1913 in Basznia in Lubaczów County, and was the son of Leon and Stefania Popas. He underwent military training at the Cadet School of the Artillery Reserve in Włodzimierz Wołyński. He served at the beginning of the war in the 24th Light Artillery Regiment. In 1940, he probably took the position of organizational officer at the headquarters of the National Military Organization in Yaroslav. In 1944, he became a sabotage officer in Jarosław NOW Command. In February 1945, he became an officer of special orders and an economic officer in the Rzeszów District of NZW. He was a distinguished officer in the service of his country.

We cordially invite you to learn about the history and fate of the exceptional soldier, patriot, commander of ambulance units of special action in the Rzeszów district of the National Military Union in today’s paper version of “Naz Dzienek”. here

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