Tornadoes in the United States. Interia journalist reveals: It’s like fishing

– There is a stereotype that hunting for tornadoes is an extraordinary adventure, and hunters drive across the American plains and love mushrooms after the rain collecting them in a basket one by one. In fact, it’s more like hunting – described Interia correspondent Jakub Krzywiecki, who took part in an expedition of hurricane hunters in the United States. He described his impressions of the campaign and expert reports in a series of texts.

Jacob Krzywicki has returned from the United States, where Participate in the search for hurricanes. Along with chasing storms, he traveled hundreds of miles, struggling with torrential rains and strong winds. His imagery and severe weather follow-up report are available for Interia.

The journalist told Polsat News that during the expedition in the Alley of Storms You spend many hours traveling and predicting the weather. – Then there is the chase, which does not have to be very dynamic. You have to travel many miles to find it A super thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado He said.

He was looking for tornadoes in the United States: it’s like hunting

The campaign was mainly in Texas and Oklahoma. season on Search for hurricanes It starts in mid-April. The intense storm chase ends at the end of July.

It was the guide of the envoy of Intria Jason Weingart is one of the best weather photographers in the world. In an interview with Jakub Krzywiecki, he talks about the biggest tornadoes he has seen for 14 years and the so-called. Hurricane Instinct.

– the stereotype prevails Search for hurricanes It is an extraordinary adventure, and hunters drive across the American plains and love mushrooms after the rain, collecting them in a basket one by one. In reality Hunting for tornadoes is like hunting – He said.

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The reporter confirmed that United State There are a lot of flatlands and thunderstorms, for example. Because it has no terrain obstacles such as sun-heated roads or huge water tanks. – storms They have laboratory conditions for their formation there, Krzywiecki said.

Video: Interia Hurricane Expedition in the USA

Hurricanes in Poland. “Every year it gets worse.”

Subject analysis Tornadoes An Interia correspondent also spoke about the possibility of such phenomena occurring in Poland. – He said that the situation will not change dynamically, but it can be said that it will get worse every year.

One of my interlocutors was Jakob Krzywicki, Professor. Bogdan Chojnicki of the Poznań University of Life Sciences. In his opinion, there will be more and more hurricanes in our country, because the climate is changing.

– On Wednesday we had an excellent example of this in Silesia. This is called Silesia “Polish Tornado Gate”. It is a place where air masses from the south and north meet and, unfortunately, is the best place for the formation of medium cyclones and giant thunderstorms that can generate tornadoes – Krzywicki summed up.


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