This is where the church and rectory from the TV series “Father Mateusz” are located. It is not Sandomierz. look at the pictures! [27.05.2023]

We know where the church and rectory are from the TV series “Father Mateusz”. It is not Sandomierz. Most scenes of TVP 1 cult series “Ojciec Mateusz” were filmed in Sandomierz. The city in the movie is wonderfully exposed. The chain has made Sandomierz even more popular with tourists. However, not everyone knows that some of the scenes were created in and around Warsaw. See what Sławomir Szeliga of Inowrocław discovered with his family.

The main character of the series “Father Mateusz” is a priest (played by the excellent Artur Chmyawski). The priest has detective skills, which he uses to solve the criminal mysteries of the city where he lives. The plot is presented in a light and humorous form. Thanks to this, interest in the series has not waned for several years.

  • Artur Żmijewski as Father Mateusz
  • Pyotr Polk Junior Inspector Oreste Maziko
  • Michał Piela as Asp. Work crew. Mieczyslaw Nocul
  • Kinga Price as the priest’s housekeeper

Many scenes of the TV series “Father Mateusz” were filmed in Sandomierz.

Father Mateusz travels on a bicycle through the streets of Sandomierz. Thanks to this, we can enjoy the beautiful Market Square and Town Hall in Sandomierz. On the streets of Sandomierz chase scenes are filmed. Restaurants in the old city also had a 5 min. The film crew likes to go for coffee and pancakes at Mała Café on Sokolnickiego Street. Kordegarda Café often appears in the series.

The series “Father Mateusz” greatly increased the interest of tourists in Sandomierz. Father Mateusz’s wax figure cabinet was created here. In the museum, in addition to the wax figures depicting the main characters of the series, we will also find rooms that are deceptively reminiscent of those on the set of the films.

There are many visitors to Sandomierz who want to explore the city in the footsteps of the movie’s protagonists.

– They would like to see the church where Mateusz is pastor. Still others, for Sunday Mass in Sandomierz, go to the wooden church where the series is recorded. The problem is that there is no priest or church in Sandomierz. Most of the outdoor photos are taken at Sandomierz. Scenes were created only in a few of Sandomierz’s interiors. The rest of the shooting takes place at the movie studios – translator Guides from Sandomierz.

Then tourists who visit Sandomierz learn that:

  • The beautiful priest from the TV series “Ojciec Mateusz” is not located in Sandomierz, but in Warsaw – Radość
  • The wooden church where Father Mateusz preaches is located in Glinianka near Warsaw
  • Many scenes were also created in Kielce, Chęciny, Wąchock and Jędrzejów.

_-I really wanted this movie trip. Many fans of the series “Ojciec Mateusz” are convinced that all the footage was shot in Sandomierz. Look out for the rectory and church when traveling to this beautiful city. Meanwhile, an ATM film crew is recording key scenes in or around Warsaw. For economic and logistical reasons – clarifies Slawomir Szeliga.

The famous priest is located at 9 Drwali Street in the Radość district of Warsaw. The scenes inside the police station were filmed in a house at 69 Wilje Street in Warsaw. The famous wooden church is located in Glinianka near Warsaw.

As we read on the Facebook profile “Moja Warszawa”, the well-known priest from the TV series “Ojciec Mateusz” is an architectural gem, the famous Świdemajer.

These buildings are characterized by elements of traditional Mazovian architecture. They have light hulls and richly decorated wings. The homes are inspired by Swiss architecture, enriched with balconies and lobbies – We read on the site.

The “Gazeta Wawerska” reveals, however, that the villa has been rented out several times before for film needs. In the years 1993-1994, the “Zespó Adwokacki” series was created here.

– Since 2009, the property, together with the house, has been used as a setting for the popular TV series “Ojciec Mateusz”. To meet the needs of production, a kiosk was built on the west side and the color of the façade was changed. From time to time, the interiors of the house are transformed into the priest of the Sandomierz Church: kitchen, dining room and Father Mateus’ office – Gazeta and Orska reports.

The Church of St. Wawrzyńca is 250 kilometers from Sandomierz, but it “plays” in the “Ojciec Mateusz” chain.

– Sequels to another popular TV series – Plebania was also filmed in the same church, and Glinianka became a parish of the series called Old Spring. It was led by Father Anthony Wotowicz – pastor of a fictional parish in Tulcin, played perfectly by Włodzimierz Matuszak – mentions

Sławomir Szeliga from Inowrocław has been choosing well-known places from popular Polish films and series for several years for weekend and family holiday trips. Thanks to this, he got to places he had not seen so often.

The photos show what places and buildings look like today, which we can admire while watching such cult films and series as:

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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