This is where Marcin Prokop lives. Gym and games room for journalists. Take a look at Marcin Prokop’s unique home in the capital

Marcin Prokop is a popular and popular TV presenter. He performs, among other things, in a duet with Dorota Wellman, the morning program “Dzie Dobry TVN”. We look at the journalist’s house in the Praga district of Warsaw, where he lives with his family. There was room for a games room, stacks of books, and a gym. Watch how Marcin Prokop lives every day.


Marcin Prokop is a favorite among viewers who lives with his wife and daughter Spacious house in Warsaw. Celebrity property is located at Braga bodny, which has been fashionable for several years. The presenter has been associated with Grochów since he was a child, because he grew up there – he went to kindergarten, primary school and high school, so this is where he feels at home. His parents still live here.

The journalist’s house is surrounded by greenery, which contributes to daily relaxation in the garden. During the epidemic, the presenter also arranged in the garage gymsIn order not to lose her good figure and to be able to exercise regularly without leaving the house. He likes to spend his free time there after work. The home exercise room was decorated with a poster of athlete Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Take a look at our photo gallery and see the interiors of the famous presenter Marcin Prokop:

Looks proudly comfortable in the living room Brown sofa And Bookcase, chest of drawers and coffee tables in industrial style. There are also some extras that warm the interior, for example a woven pillow and a rug made of natural materials. The walls are painted shades of gray and the interior is lit by delicate white window blinds. It hangs above the closet Modern round mirrorThe shelves and the upper console are decorated with modern vases, lamps in original shapes and other decorative trinkets.

Marcin Prokop is a book collector and loves to sit in an armchair and enjoy an interesting book. The journalist is also a fan of the game. This is why there is a room in his house where the celebrity can enjoy virtual games in his spare time. In addition to the large TV and game console, the room has found its place among other things. piano and guitar.

The journalist also found a comfortable place in the house working room. There is of course a modern desk and comfortable chair as well as modern lighting. Cozyness is added to the study by a bright upholstered sofa and an exquisite fig tree with decorative leaves.

Take a look at our gallery and see the interiors of famous celebrity presenter Marcin Prokop:

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