This is what Maciej Cempura looks like today, who played Szymek Solejuk in the series Ranczo. look at the pictures! [26.05.2023]

Who does not remember Çimik Soliguk, a very smart boy from the series “Ranch”? Played by Maciej Cempura. Today he is an adult. He first appeared on “Ranch” at the age of ten. Today he has 27. Watch what he is doing today and what Maciej Cempura looks like, who played Szymek Solejuk in the series “Ranch”.

TVP viewers saw him for the first time in the series Ranczo in Episode 4 (“Otrzeźwanie”), and for the last time – in Episode 64 (“Nad Solejuków and Wargaczów home”). He played Szymek Solejuk, son of Kazimiera and Maciej Solejuk, who is a very talented boy, even a genius. His extraordinary abilities are noticed by Lucy (played by Ilona Ostrovska), the mayor and the priest (both roles played by Cesare Schack). That’s why they gave him a scholarship.

Maciej Cempura appeared on the farm for the last time in the fifth series of the series. Szymek Solejuk fell in love with Julia, the daughter of the Wargacz family, enemies of the family. Wargacz wants to get under Szymek’s skin, and Solejuks wants him to go to Warsaw as soon as possible. However, he and Julia take refuge in the church. The parish priest makes the squabbling families shake hands.

In series 6 to 10, Szymek Solejuk no longer appears.

– in Episode 107. “In the Claws of Health” Soliukwa mentions that Shemyek still lives in Warsaw, but nothing else is known about the boy’s life. – Detects

Maciej Cempura is already 27 years old. He graduated from the Theater Academy. A. Zelwerowicz Branch in Bialystok and the Public School of Music in Plock.

– He’s a multi-instrumentalist. Composes music for theatrical performances. His parents are Szymon and Dorota Cempura, actors of the Płock Theatre – We read in Ranchopedia.

He also acted in films such as:

  • Prepare
  • For good and bad
  • the doctors
  • Agatha’s Law
  • mirrored.
  • pardon
  • System
  • Janosek. True story

He also plays in the theatre. He is a puppeteer actor. He played many roles on theater stages in Płock, Białystok, Łódź, Warsaw and Pozna.

For the concept and implementation of the performance of “Metal”, he was nominated for the Most Promising Actor Award – Puppeteer of the Young Generation – for the artistic season 2021/2022. In the end, he received a diploma and distinction.

He is also the bass player in the band ‘The Eat R’.

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