This is how Dariush Pachot, Duda’s friend, looks like. They look adorable together in the pictures. look! [27.05.2023 r.]

This is how Dariush Pachot, Duda’s friend, looks like. Together they look great. Love flowers! This will add one of the most important names in Polish show business. When he appears, he always causes a stir. No wonder netizens want to know everything about her. She recently had a boyfriend and is really smitten. This is Dariush Pachot, traveler and medic. Get to know him better. See how it looks in the pictures.

She has been singing since childhood. She started her musical career in 1998 at Teatr Buffo. Then for years she was the lead singer of the band The Virgin. Finally, she started a solo career. Her recordings have always sold well. It gained popularity thanks to its catchy hits, great sound conditions and extraordinary personality. A lot has happened in her private life. The street media has always been watching her private life closely.

  • Radoslav Magdan
  • Adam “Nergal” Dursky
  • Blazej Szychowski
  • Emile Haider

Her relationship with goalkeeper Radosław Majdan was sold in newspapers as the “Polish Beckham”. She also had a very interesting life with Adam “Nergal” Darsky, the leader of the Behemoth squad. Then she became involved with choreographer Błażej Szychowski, and then with businessman Emil Haidar. Since November 2022, he is Dariush Pachot.

Dariusz Pachut is a 37-year-old paramedic and traveler. He was born in Zabrzeży in Nowy Sącz poviat in Lesser Poland. She loves mountains.

– The first information about him began to appear in the media when he participated in a rescue operation in the mountains of Albania. Later, you can read about him in 2020, when he helped fulfill a disabled boy’s dream to climb Rysy. Then the traveler organized a crossing to the top of the mountain for 7-year-old Ryan Szkipaniak. The boy was born without a leg and knee joint, and the entire expedition’s itinerary has been reported by National Geographic editors. – We read on

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  • Archery coach
  • Cave climbing instructor
  • Rowing enthusiasts
  • Passionate about kayaking
  • Ice climbing enthusiast
  • Diving enthusiast
  • Traveling
  • Polish champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Dariush Pachot also previously had a media relationship with Dorota Gardias, a TVN journalist.

Duda appeared on the reality show “Duda. 12 Steps to Love”. In the final episode, she announced that she “met a man she fell in love with after filming the reality show.” Then, she revealed on Instagram who her partner is. This is Darius Bachot.

I care about a lasting love, a steadfast love that will withstand many ups and downs. Because every person can feel high – admitted Duda in an interview with “Fact”. She hopes that in 10 years she will be able to say that this is her and Dariusz Pachut’s love. Today doesn’t want to jinx it, so it lives in the moment.

Dariush Pachot has two children: a daughter and a son.

The media tried to ask Doda about her partner’s children and how she felt as a stepmother. All attempts by journalists were cut off:

– I don’t want to talk about them because I know how powerful my words are. Nothing is lost on the Internet. I try to treat children with respect – We read in “Pomponic”.

Doda and Dariusz Pachut are both active on Instagram. Not only do they report on their careers, but from time to time they let netizens into their own world.

“Who are friends? One soul living in two bodies.”

“Everywhere is good, but together is better”

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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