This is how Adrianna and Michał from the program “Farmer looking for a wife” in Podlasie arranged

So did Adrianna and Michał from the show “Farmer looking for a wife”. They live in Podlasie. They met on the ninth edition of TVP 1’s “Farmer Looking for a Wife”. wedding soon. After the wedding, they will live with Micah’s parents. However, in the future they would like to build their own home. “But we’ll see how life goes,” Ada admits. See how Adrianna and Michał from the show “Farmer looking for a wife” live and live on a daily basis.

From episode to episode, viewers saw their love develop. The heroes of “Farmer …” got engaged before the last episode of the program and moved in together

Mikay is a farmer from Podlaskie County. He lives in the small town of Kalinowa-Basie. Together with his parents, he runs a farm of 130 hectares. He breeds heavy and cold-blooded cows and horses.

His chosen one was 20-year-old Adrianna from Lodz. She is a student of pedagogy. Before the program, she worked as a nanny. I have taken care of five children. She is very athletic and loves the outdoors. She decided to fight for Michaeli when she saw his eyes. She was looking for a sincere and understanding man. And I found him on the program “The Peasant Wants a Wife”.

– At home they always tell me lucky. I decided to check my luck. I chose Ada’s letter and invited her to the program without reading it – said Michael.

Ada wrote a letter to Michael on impulse. You acted completely spontaneously.

– I owe everything to my grandfather, who turned on the TV at the right time and chose this program. I looked at Michai and said: I will take a risk, I want to meet him – said Ada.

Adriana confirms that Michaí is open, sociable and funny, and that “there is no boredom with him.” On the other hand, Mikay argues that Ada has no flaws and is a great cook.

– I gained 5 kg because of that Michael laughed.

Adrianna moved to Podlasie from the Lodz Voivodeship.

They live in the same house with Michael’s parents and his sister.

– It was hard for me at first. It is known that each house has its own customs. I had to get used to it and find it Adriana revealed on ‘A Question for Breakfast’.

We milk cows in the morning and evening Adriana reveals.

– you are welcome Michael adds.

When a cow gets an infection, Adriana gives it an injection. Then he also has to milk it manually so that the milk doesn’t end up in the tank.

Adriana quickly found herself in everyday agricultural realities. She assures that her future mother-in-law helped her a lot in this matter.

Adrianna and Michał plan a wedding for their family and best friends. About 200 people are expected to attend the event.

The wedding will not take place, as tradition dictates, near the bride’s house, but in Podlasie, in Michał. Why?

It turns out that more of the wedding guests will be the Mishao family. These are mainly farmers who will have to leave their farms for a longer period of time while driving in Łódź. They cannot afford it, hence the idea that the wedding should take place in Podlasi.

Adriana has already chosen a wedding dress. It is waiting to be installed.

After the wedding, they will live with Micah’s parents. However, in the future they would like to build their own home.

But we’ll see how life goes Adah confessed.

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