They wanted to dismiss the provincial government. failed in

During a special session, members of the Dolnośląskie Voivodship Council voted on a resolution to reject the voivodeship council. However, the decision did not receive sufficient support.

It took 22 votes in the 36-member regional council to dismiss the council. 16 members of the opposition council voted in favor of dismissing the board of directors, and 18 members of the coalition council voted against it. No one abstained, and 34 councilors participated in Saturday’s session.

Voivodship Council without a vote of confidence and discharge for 2022

The vote to dismiss the Board of Directors is the result of the vote in the previous session. At the May 18 Council meeting The Lower Silesian Provincial Board did not receive a vote of confidence and discharged for 2022. At that time, the members of the SEMIK voted evenly: 18 of the coalition were in favor, and 18 of the opposition were against. An absolute majority of votes is needed to gain support. The votes, among other things on the current changes in this year’s county budget, also ended in a draw (18 to 18) and for this reason, for example, more than PLN 5.7 million for the loan installment taken for the hospital built in the previous period or – not Funding for schools and children’s activities is voted on.

Krzysztof Maj believed that the attempt to dismiss the council would failTVN24 Wroclaw

According to local government law, if a sejmik fails to adopt a decision on a vote of confidence or discharge, this does not automatically lead to the dismissal of the district assembly. It would have taken place in the next session, called two weeks later, but in a 36-member provincial assembly, 22 votes are needed to overturn.

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At the moment, the opposition does not have such support as it does in the ruling coalition Law and justice It has 14 members of the councils, and members from outside the party and self-government – four. They lost the majority in the coalition more than two years ago, when two council members left BiS. But so far, the coalition has secured support with significant votes. The opposition consists of the councilors of KO, and the local government coalition made up of councilors who have changed colors during their term of office.

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