They dug a hole under a tin garage. They took construction equipment. “Ingenuity and great commitment at the same time”

Concrete mixer, shovel, 2 pairs of boots, 20 work gloves. Among other things, these items were stolen from a tin garage in Mrągowo (Warmisko-Mazurskie Voivodeship). The police arrested two men who dug a tunnel to enter. They told the uniforms that they only used a crowbar and their hands.

Uniforms received a report on Friday (May 19th). The victim stated that someone had stolen from his tin garage: a mobile phone, a concrete mixer, a petrol can, a rubber mallet, a spirit level, a shovel, two aluminum squares, two pairs of work boots, and 20 work gloves. He estimated the value of the stolen items at PLN 1,025.

“The most interesting thread in this story is the way the perpetrators acted – they dug a hole under the tin garage to get inside. It wasn’t much of a problem because the ‘tin’ was on a sand/gravel base,” wrote young student Paulina Caro in a letter from the headquarters of District Police in Mrigow.

They went inside and dug a hole Warmian Masurian Police

They pleaded guilty

The uniforms detained two suspects: a 32-year-old man from Szczeto district and a 34-year-old man from Margowo district. The policewoman wrote that they showed “great ingenuity and commitment” in carrying out their “evil plan”.

On Wednesday (May 24), they were charged with joint and concurrent robbery. They pleaded guilty. The stolen goods were returned to the owner.

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“They gave explanations in which they described how their sinister plan was going. They told the police that they had checked the area before committing the robbery. They saw a camera in the front of the garage, so they decided to dig a tunnel at the back of the garage, “- informs the junior ASP. Diamond.

They said they stole more things than the victim noticed

The men also said that they dug the tunnel using only their hands and crowbars.

They didn’t have a difficult task, because the garage was on a sandy floor Warmian Masurian Police

“They also admitted that they stole more things than the victim noticed, but returned them voluntarily during the activities carried out by the police,” the statement reads.

For theft with burglary, the Penal Code provides for imprisonment from 1 to 10 years.

Main image source: Warmian Masurian Police

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