There will be no breaks. The ministry does not agree with the industry’s demands

The Polish News Agency reported that the Ministry of Education and Science is not working to change the organization of the school year, which would distribute vacations into stays for individual counties, similar to the winter holidays. The Federation of Mountain Municipalities of the Republic of Poland made such a proposal.

Vacation dates – the beginning and end of semesters in schools and other units of the education system – are specified in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education dated August 11, 2017 regarding the organization of the academic year.

Holiday dates – explains MEiN

– The calendar of the academic year is adapted to the requirements of the basic curricula applied in schools, that is, the number of teaching days established by law gives the school (teachers and students) an opportunity to implement the curriculum in the field of individual subjects – indicates the spokesman for the Ministry of Education and Science, Adrianna Całus-Polak.

Observe deadlines related to, among other things Eighth grade examshigh school certificate, vocational, employment in schools and institutions, classification and promotion of students, vacations for teachers, the Ministry of Education and Science is not considering changing the organization of the academic year – the spokeswoman added.

Postulates of the tourism industry

Roman Krupa, Mayor of Kościelisko, Vice President of the Association of Mountain Communes of the Republic of Poland, who initiated the extension of holidays, told PAP that a meeting is planned next week on the topic of distributing holidays to individuals. Remains.

“We want to determine what our next steps will be in this matter.” We would like to extend the rest by two weeks in June and two weeks in September, but the question of dates will be discussed in a broader group. We understand that it is a matter of organizing the entire school year, but taking into account the distribution of winter holidays, it is also possible to make changes in the summer holidays – said Krupa.

The head of the Małopolska Tourism Organization, Grzegorz Biedroń, believes that distributing holidays into stays for individual counties will be beneficial not only for the hotel industry, but also for the tourists themselves. He notes that prices for hotel services, for example, will decrease and popular tourist attractions will be less crowded.

– These are measures that are beneficial to the industry, but they require serious talks at the ministerial level and the provision of specific analyses, – said Pedro.

He notes that scattering vacations into individual regions is ideal for the winter holidays. Taking the summer off the wheel is a success in other European countries.

– A good solution from neighboring countries that deserves adoption, and these are successful solutions. Moreover, the income from tourism is of great importance, because it is an important branch of the economy – Pedro emphasized.

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