There is no explanation from the minister regarding the missile. “I’ve never seen such cheese.”

We all get the impression that the minister simply has something to hide – said Joanna Mucha of Poland 2050 on TVN24’s “Kropka nad i”. She referred to the fact that the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Basakczak, did not provide the joint parliamentary committees in a closed session with explanations about the fall of the missile near Bydgoszcz. “It’s not that Minister Mariusz Pusacetak comes fishing and that he can decide now that he’s going to take a float or sit somewhere,” said Cesary Tomczyk of the Civic Coalition. – This is his constitutional duty, citizens pay him for it, – he pointed out.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Marius Blaszczak In a closed session of the joint parliamentary committees, he did not provide clarifications regarding the fall of the missile near Bydgoszcz. “PO deputies They announced that they would tender my resignation before hearing the explanations.”

The deputies did not hear any explanations about the missile. The minister just got up and left.

Tomczyk about Błaszczak’s attitude: I’ve never seen such cowardice

This issue was discussed on “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 by Joanna Mucha from Polska 2050 constituency and Cesare Tomczyk From the Civil Coalition.

– Today, no one feels safe looking at the Minister of Defense who runs away from the Defense Committee meeting because he is afraid of the opposition’s questions. This is probably not a very brave Secretary of National Defense, Tomczyk said.

– So far we have known that Minister Baschak is incompetent, now we know that he is a coward. He continued: I have never seen such cowardice in many years of parliamentary work.

At the same time, Tomczyk stressed that providing explanations to the parliamentary committee is a constitutional obligation for the minister. – It’s not as if Minister Mariusz Bascak comes fishing and can decide now that he’s going to take a float or sit somewhere. He indicated that this is his constitutional duty and the citizens are paying him for it.

Mucha: We all get the impression that the minister simply has something to hide

Joana Mucha commented on the position of the Deputy Prime Minister in a similar way.

– We all have the impression that the minister simply has something to hide and does not want to share his knowledge with us, and he has such a duty, – she said. – Our deputies not only have the right, but also the duty to find out from Minister Błaszczak to control it – she added.

She noted that the House of Representatives has the function of governing the executive branch. “When someone prevents us from doing this job, it is preventing us from fulfilling our mandate,” she said.

– We won’t budge. We will demand that these explanations be provided. We have the right to know if we are safe, Joanna Mucha continued.

And she added: – We expect the resignation of the Deputy Prime Minister, because it seems to me that all the categories of such a resignation have been fulfilled.

Main image source: TVN24

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