There is no escape from artificial intelligence

The race for giants continues. Microsoft just showed off another AI-based product, which will appear in beta in June, including Windows. “It’s a certain direction. At some point, there won’t be a desktop program that doesn’t have some AI functionality. There will probably be a group of people who will go in a different direction, but in most cases it really speeds up the work,” says Matthews-Schruback. , artificial intelligence and online security expert, on internet radio RMF24: “It prompts and suggests certain things and automatically adjusts them. It simply increases efficiency.”

Windows 11 Copilot should be a smart assistant, which relies on artificial intelligence, not only to search for information on the Internet, but also Execute the actions we request from within the operating system itself. It’s a mechanism that helps you better use the operating system for what you want to do – said an expert on internet radio RMF24.

For those who are not proficient in operating systems, it will be easier to get acquainted with the functions that can be useful and effective Help in everyday reality. Instead of looking for where those options are in settings, and there are a million settings, you click “Yes, I want to try” and the same thing happens. Change Windows, change system settings. This is the next level of user adaptation Shrubak confirmed.

Various tools that are offered as part of office suites, such as Office, also have a lot of hidden options that you can enable or set.

Copilot has already been introduced to Office. Now there will be more and more features. Interestingly, Google is not far behind as they introduce more and more of these smart features into their systems to help you create things. In an instant, there wouldn’t be an office program that didn’t have some AI feature – said RMF24 Radio guest.

As the host noted, this kind of facility in operating systems will be very large A threat to many different professionals And the people involved in teaching the use of this kind of tools.

According to the expert, AI is not intended to replace people, but rather to help in work, for example by speeding up interaction with the computer.

The artificial general intelligence, which tries to solve the problem itself, thinks critically about it, They are still very underdeveloped and expensive. So it is an intermediate form that allows us to save time in solving something, not completely replacing a person– confirmed the expert.

Recently, shares related to artificial intelligence have been experiencing dynamic growth. In particular, the value of NVIDIA shares has doubled over the year. In one day, they gained up to 25% in value. Microsoft, Broadcom and Oracle also reported increases of more than 20 percent. in the last year. Experts express concern about such a growing AI bubble. As the expert said, “This is something that is a completely normal component of the changing economic situation and the norm of patterns.”

NVIDIA provides the computing power that is currently used most often by Open AI, among other things, to provide valuable services. Investors said if they are part of it, they need to develop as quickly as possible and inject more money to make these items effective. – said Shuruppak on RMF24 radio.

The broker also indicated that the amount of cash available to invest in these projects, which are in the market, is also limited. sThere are solutions offered by offline models, that is, those that you can download to your computer and use. We have models that are being used online and they are evolving faster because they have the most data. Behind them are the largest companies– said the expert.

Every day there are new solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. New things are being created, improvements are being made. For example, lately I have been looking for various solutions to manage my “to-do” list, that is, what you need to do, because AI supports, for example, the division of tasks into smaller ones. And since you saw the first solution, you may have seen 11 such solutions that work in different ways, so These markets are also expanding all the time and there are likely to be those who will be the winners. There are more and more concepts. Evolution at the moment is going in many directions in parallel, I imagine it We haven’t discovered them all yetthat may benefit from this technology He said.

Within a year, artificial intelligence has evolved to an unimaginable degree. 12 months ago, this topic was only known to a small group of users. What can we expect next year?

We’ll definitely talk about regulations, limits, and what can, can’t, and can’t be stopped when it comes to AI. We’ll try to point in one direction or the other for now. I expect We will reach more pressure for the messages we send. I imagine it will actually be possible to get more and more character models that better match what’s going on – said Mateusz Schrobuck.

/ Editor Emilia Witkowska

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