The star has it all. Shockingly naive. “death cell”

  • “People say if you take the anger out of me, I won’t be half as good a footballer. Shit. I’ll be better,” admits Craig Bellamy. In fact, his career is a series of crazy stories in which his anger plays the main role
  • The Welshman could growl at the referees, hit a teammate with a golf club, and after this incident, the police mistakenly … detained Jerzy Dudek
  • Not only was Bellamy angry, he was also naive. He lost everything and had to declare bankruptcy. Now he admits that for years he felt like he was on death row
  • More information can be found at Przeglad Sportowy Onet

The Daily Mail wrote of Craig Bellamy: “He was a crazy, angry, brilliant footballer.” Not only do they use very precise words, but they are also arranged perfectly from most to least appropriate. After all, despite the fact that the Welshman played for Manchester City and Liverpool and created an excellent attacking duo with Alan Scherer, fans remember him mainly from the aforementioned madness.

Shearer, the Premier League’s all-time leading scorer (260 goals), made it clear that he found the Welshman very annoying. The referees certainly did not have an easy task when they had to conduct his matches. Years later, Bellamy came to the conclusion that he was exaggerating.

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