The Serbian army is on combat alert. The soldiers have to head to the border

Then the president made his decision Serbian citizens clashed with the Kosovo police in Zvecan municipality. Local media reported it Kosovo police fired tear gas in the community crowd.

turned into a politician representatives of NATO countriesto lead you to To stop violence against Serbs.

Portal reports that Kosovar police officers They surrounded the municipal buildings of Zubin Potok, Zvecan and Leposavic. Sirens have been activated in the cities.

Serbian Ministry of Defense: The situation is tragic

opinion Miloš Vucevic, Head of the Serbian Ministry of Defense The situation in Metohija (the southwestern region of Kosovo – Ed.) is Dramatic now.

– Someone should understand that What does forehead kurti do?guide us for red linesleads us to Complete breakdown of dialogueIt leads us to calm down.

In his statement, the Minister of Defense confirmed that the Serbian Armed Forces would comply All orders of the Commander-in-Chiefthat will lead to Defend the freedom and independence of the Republic of Serbia and all of its citizens.

Miloš Vucevic appealed to the population not to allow themselves to be drawn into provocations that could lead to “a scenario in which they are presented as a kind of Criminal groups or hooligans“.

– They want to go to the end The ethnic cleansing of a tight-knit Serbian society In the north, he said.

Ten people were injured

According to the information provided by the Tanjug Agency, it took place during clashes between the police forces and the citizens Ten civilians were injured.

This information was confirmed by the deputy director of the Clinical Hospital Center in North Mitrovica, Danica Radomirovic. Persons who have been accepted into their facility Minor injuries it causes stun grenade explosions And tear gas.

It was supposed to lead the special forces Complete blockade of the city of Leposavic. The entrance and exit from it are closed, and in front of the building of the municipal authorities Armored vehicles appeared.

They also got there Special Police Unit Officersthat can be used to disperse demonstrations.

County local elections

heated protests relating to the province of Serbs Living in four municipalities in northern Kosovo, including the aforementioned Zvecan.

April 23rd Local elections were heldin which Albanian ethnic parties won. Did not go to the polls 50,000 Serbianswho stated that they saw no chance of reaching an agreement with the new authorities.

Serbs live in the northern regions of Kosovo They do not accept the country’s 2008 declaration of independence. Still Belgrade is their capital.

Western countries have been trying for many years Agree on a peace planwould lead to Agreement between the governments of Kosovo and Serbia. In March, it was proposed to increase the autonomy of the mostly Serb-inhabited northern regions Decisions are not implemented.


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