The Russian hero burst into tears at the sight. “I have no hope”

  • asickine will not defend the Olympic championship in the high jump. The 30-year-old representative of Russia is unable to compete in international competitions
  • The multi-medal world athletics star is closely associated with the Russian army, and holds the rank of captain
  • According to the regulations proposed by the IOC, athletes who have links with the Russian army and law enforcement agencies are suspended from participating in international competitions.
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The International Olympic Committee has come to the aid of athletes from Russia who, after fulfilling certain conditions, can take part in international competition. Among other things, they cannot support Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine and cannot be associated with the military. As a result, she will miss the start of the biggest high jump star in recent years, Marija Łasickiene.

The Olympic champion burst into tears at the sight. “I have no more hope”

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