The principal of the high school informed the court of the student’s situation. The Board of Trustees opened a case against him

The principal of a secondary school in Tarnów reported to the court the poor family situation of one of the students. Later, after a report from a relative of the teenager, the Public Prosecutor’s Office charged the girl’s mother with mental and physical abuse of the child. The Board of Trustees has initiated proceedings against the principal, who is to be suspended from his duties and brought before a teachers’ disciplinary committee.

The injured teenager is studying at a secondary school in Tarnów. In 2022, the facility’s director, Jean Ripa, receives signals from teachers that the situation of a student’s family threatens her safety. According to Radio Krakow, which reported the case for the first time, the teachers provided psychological support to the girl, but had difficulties in contacting her mother. In June, the principal notified the family court of the whole matter.

The girl’s aunt, in turn, informed the prosecution. After several months of investigation, the teen’s mother was charged with physical and psychological abuse of the child. The violence allegedly took place between July 2019 and August 2022. Currently, the teenager is not living with her mother.

– The Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the abuse. In the course of these procedures, the mother was accused of abusing her daughter in such a way that she started quarrels, calling her offensive words, mocking her appearance, limited contacts with family and friends, and isolating her from the environment. , and also violated her physical integrity by pulling at her face, grabbing and beating her – describes the prosecutor Miczław Seneki of the Tarnow Public Prosecutor’s Office. As he points out, the principal in this case – he informed the family court – acted correctly.

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File a complaint to the Board of Trustees and take action against the Director

The girl’s mother filed a complaint against the school’s activities with the school board. The Maopolska School Board of Education has initiated proceedings against Jan Riba, who will appear before the Disciplinary Committee for Teachers. Lesser Poland Education Superintendent Barbara Nowak reported – as reported by Radio Krakow – that the activities of the School Board are the result of an inspection carried out in the school, analysis of documents, conversations and “extremely intensive procedures”. According to the broadcaster, one of the allegations against the school principal is the provision of insufficient psychological and educational assistance to the student.

“The supervisor of education in Małopolska stressed that the case will certainly be thoroughly clarified as part of the disciplinary procedures, and as she indicated, no one has decided on the fault of the principal,” Radio Krakow reports.

On Thursday, we were unable to contact the school board to inquire about the issue.

The director did not want to talk about his situation. Earlier he told “Gazeta Wyborcza”: – You acted as you should. I have nothing to blame myself for. I might be unemployed now.

Mayor of Tarnów on the issue of the director

The suspension, as explained by the mayor of Tarnow, Roman Sibiela, is inevitable. If an investigation begins, the chief has no choice but to suspend the principal.

– On February 14, the disciplinary spokesman for the teachers of the Malopolsky Voivodeship informed the city office and myself that he had initiated proceedings accusing the school principal of violating the rights and welfare of the child. In April, the disciplinary committee officially announced the initiation of such proceedings, and in May the final decision was made to conduct the entire investigative process, including information about the accusation of the headmaster of an act punishable by dismissal in the Teachers’ Code. Ciepiela says.

During the suspension period, the principal will receive only a portion of his salary. A disciplinary hearing in his case is set for March 2024.

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