The police shot a schizophrenic. Four shots on target out of 17.

The dramatic intervention took place on June 3, 2021. Police were supposed to find a man with schizophrenia who had threatened suicide. His family reported him missing in the woods.

The police shot the schizophrenic

Officers noticed a bloodied man walking along Gorzisawa Street. The course of the intervention at Antonnik in Poznań was recorded by cameras. The recording was provided by “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Shows how Three policemen surround the bloody man and shoot him at close range for about half a minute. They really pulled the trigger 17 times.

Four shots were on target. The 36-year-old was wounded in the leg and stomach.

In addition to weapons, the uniformed officers had batons, gas and sniffer dogs, but they did not use these means. They didn’t have a taser for that.

The man was taken to hospital in serious condition

Police officers from another patrol overpowered the man with a taser. The detainee was handed over to the ambulance service. 39-year-old Łukasz T. was taken to hospital in serious condition, where doctors helped him. It turns out that During the police intervention, the schizophrenic man was insane.

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Police claimed after the incident that the man was about to throw himself at the officers and threaten to use a knife, which he did not show. However, the 39-year-old did not have any knife with him during the intervention.

Power exceeded

The case was handled by the Zielona Góra Public Prosecutor’s Office, who charged two officers Charged with exceeding powers and causing moderate and light damage to health. One of the policemen was charged with abuse and causing it Serious harm to health.

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As indicated by the prosecutor’s office, the 32-year-old policeman fired a total of three shots in the direction of Łukasz T., one of which was accurate, hitting the man in the right side of the torso. The 47-year-old officer fired 11 shots, two of which hit him in the left thigh and knee. In turn, a 33-year-old policeman fired three times, one of which hit the abdomen and buttocks.

The trial of the policemen

The trial before the District Court in Poznań began on 2 June. Three policemen sat in the dock. They provided evidence. They pleaded not guilty.

The defendants testified that they believed the 39-year-old man had carried a knife. He was covered in blood and threatened to cut his femoral artery and kill the policemen.

– After leaving the carriage, I approached the man, I heard speech that we should not approach him because He’s got a knife on the femoral artery that he’s going to cut and kill us. We kept a safe distance, set up in the so-called. Safety triangle. The man kept threatening us not to go near him, because he would hurt himself and us. When asked if he had a knife, he replied yes, but he didn’t show us nor show us his hands Testified by Christopher J

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I kept yelling ‘stop’ to the guy. The guy did not respond to messages and shots, he kept running. Therefore, in order to repel the attack, I shot the man in the lower part of the silhouette, – said Artur M.

“This man was running towards me, shouting that he had a knife and that he was going to kill me. Returning, I used my service weapon, fired three shots at the man, aiming at the lower parts of the body, and repelled the attack, which was a direct threat to my health and life – testified Gatsik K.

Another experience

The accused officers answer freely.

Two police officers who shot a man, causing minor and moderate bodily harm, were threatened up to five years the prison. In turn, the officer who caused serious damage – From three to 15 years old prisons.

The next session will be held at the end of August.

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