The numbers don’t lie! They are the ones who fail the Apator the most in flights

After seven Ekstraliga rounds, Apator has six points in its account and is ranked sixth in the table. The club from Copernicus lost only once at home during the season. It happened in the match against Betard Sparta Wroclaw, where Toruń lost 38:52. They managed to win both matches at home (against GKM Grudziądz 52:38 and Platinum Motor Lublin 46:44).

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The rest of the competition took place away from home, with Toruń losing all three matches. Despite the good disposition of some seniors, in Krosno, Leszno or Częstochowa the juniors failed along the way. It’s no secret that youth are the ones that cause Apator’s biggest problem.

They are bad on trips

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