The missing girl disappeared without a trace. The girl was missing in the center of Lodz. Where is Anna Janowska? May 27, 2023

We remind you of the missing girl case. Eleven-year-old Anja Janowska left her home in the center of Łódź and disappeared without a trace. This event shook Lodz years ago. The mystery of the girl’s disappearance in Łódź remains unsolved.

today I You will be over 40 years old. Maybe she will be a doctor, an economist, or maybe she will become a famous dancer, singer or model? Nobody will answer this question. Patricia Wojtowicz She is Anna’s counterpart. Although she had never met her in person, the memory of this unknown girl had accompanied her for years. With a reddened face, she watched TV programs about Anya’s disappearance.

– This case moved me very much, – says Patricia today. “The same thing could have happened to me.” I remember that after TV commercials, my mother was afraid to let me out of the house. Anna became close to me. I wondered what could happen to her. She was very beautiful and talented. This was also recently mentioned. I wondered if something had been clarified, because once I ranted about it, everything fell silent. Nobody mentioned this disappearance…

Let’s go back to the events of more than 30 years ago. It was Saturday September 16, 1989 Another academic year has just begun. I Like many of her colleagues, she returned from vacation. She started her education in the fifth grade of elementary school No. 150 in the Mujahideen. Schwerke in Łódź. Today, this elementary school does not exist, in its place there is junior high school No. 25. Krzysiek attended Anya to class. Although many years have passed, he remembers it very well.

Because she was a nice friend – Krzysek told us. Sweet, don’t exaggerate. Although she was a very good student, she wasn’t a first class student. She was always ready to help everyone.

Krzysiek remembered that Anya was sitting on a bench Hania. Today he won’t remember if he was in the middle row or next to the wall. He was also at her house once.

– We lived nearby, basically across the street, – adds Krzysiek.

Mrs. Sophia Anna’s teacher. from the first row. One thing can be said about her: she was a wonderful girl.

Anyway, the whole class was very nice, and I remember that very fondly, – Mrs. Zofia told us. I studied it from the first to the eighth grade.

September 16th Parents bought Ania espadrilles – white espadrilles with string soles. At that time it was every girl’s dream. I She wore espadrilles and approx. 13 left home. You were supposed to go to the pharmacy to get custom made eye drops. On the way, you were supposed to buy sauerkraut. To the pharmacy that was located in a department store building that no longer exists Juventus It wasn’t far. lived in the. Kosciusko. Just had to cross the street. Then the girl went to a small market nearby Central shopping center. And there, at one of the greengrocers, they buy cabbage. Then you were supposed to come home.

But Anna never came home. When she did not appear with him after a few dozen minutes, her anxious parents began looking for her.

In Michał Fajbusiewicz’s program “997” an attempt is made to reconstruct Ania’s path on the day she disappeared.

On a popular TV show Michał Fajbusiewicz “997” The road has been rebuilt or. The girl who plays her leaves Al’s dorm. Kosciusko. He reached the pharmacy. receiving eye drops. Then he showed up at the grocery store. He gives an empty jar in which the seller is packing sauerkraut. Then there is the actor who plays the father or She follows in her daughter’s footsteps, showing her picture to people she meets. The apothecary lady remembers a little girl with a ponytail picking up specially made eye drops.

The seller also remembers Anya from the greengrocer. in the program “997” Another trader said he saw her with a girl of about 14 to 15 years old. claim it I Bought two apples and left with a mysterious friend. However, it has not been proven whether this is actually the case. In any case, immediately after the disappearance of Anya, various, often unverified information appeared. Like the ones in the show “997”That’s almost. 15 I can be in Anna Batory Fashion Salon And ask about a well-known designer in Lodz. The girl was a model.

in “997” Part of a fashion show Anna Bathory where I He gracefully moves to the catwalks. There are many indications that the information about the day of the disappearance is Saturday. 22 seen no at the station factory Accompanied by a brown-haired girl who has bought four citronets.

parents or They searched for the girl all day Saturday. Friends join the search. Before evening, they reported the disappearance of their daughter to the police.

Already on Saturday in TV Magazine The presenter gave a message about the disappearance of Anya. He was talking about an 11-year-old girl, 146 cm tall, with long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, who wears a dark blue jacket with a white zip, a white shirt with logos, jeans and canvas shoes.

And the teacher saw Anya for the last time on Friday, the day before she disappeared. on monday Mrs. Sophia I met her class in the study room. All of the children commented warmly on their friend’s disappearance. to Krzysek It was a shock. Anya got lost on this road, which he also traveled every day. He talked a lot about it with his best friend from elementary school. They could not understand how their friend could be missing in downtown Lodz.

– An abyss without a trace in a place where there are many people … – Krzysek wondered. “To this day, I can’t get her out of my head. Anya wasn’t a quarrelsome girl, so she couldn’t blame anyone. Quite the opposite. She was kind to everyone.”

Krzysek She remembers that after Anya’s disappearance, panic reigned among her parents. They discussed whether or not to let their children go to school on their own. Łódź A rumor has spread that there is a kidnapping gang in town

Patricia Wojtowicz
Remember that it was said that too no Killed and buried her body Central II. But all of these discoveries can be treated as urban legends.

Mrs. Sophia I remembered that the children in Ann’s class had gathered and searched the old factory on the corner themselves street. Sienkiewicz And the. Pilsudski, Where is the Lodz branch located now Gazeta Weborca.

Emotion or There was dancing and singing. She has appeared on catwalks as a child model and belongs to the band Krajki. She was a soloist.

Why did the police start searching for the missing girl so late?

To this day, many people wonder why the militia started the search or Only on Sunday, although a missing persons report was received on Saturday. already died Jan Płócienniczakwho ran the programme “997”, Then the militia is a presenter and an operator The Criminal Office of the Ministry of Interior headquartersTry to explain the behavior of the militiamen. He said that approximately 500 disappearances are reported annually in Łódź, and 98 percent of them are unaccounted for. Missing persons have been found. Associate Prosecutor Malgorzata Glapska DutkiewiczWho led the case of Anya’s disappearance, believes that if a child goes missing, the militia should start searching immediately. Then the information from people who met the girl will be more specific.

It is well known that human memory is unreliable – as Majorzata Glabska-Dutkiewicz said in the program “997”, recorded 30 years ago.

in the program Michel Vajbocevic She said that an investigation had been opened in Anya’s case under Article 188 of the Penal Code, which deals with the abduction of a minor. The evidence collected showed that the girl was being held against her will. This was also due to the personality of Anya, whose psyche was well known during the investigation.

Anya’s parents took to heaven and earth to find their daughter. They were visited by fortune-tellers and dowsers. without result. If Anya had been kidnapped, even abroad – as some have assumed – she would have spoken even years later. Unless someone changes her mind. The investigation into Anya ceased four years after her disappearance. A few years ago, the girl’s mother was reported to the police. It turns out that they wanted to collect DNA material. It is worth dealing with the case of Anya’s disappearance by the so-called X-Archives working at the prefectural police headquarters.

The Case of the Łódź Leathercatchers, Babies in Barrels, or Murder …

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