The Health Committee recommends that the speech pathologist be removed from the group of medical professions

The Parliamentary Health Committee wants to exclude speech therapists from the group of medical professions. A bill on some medical professions, for example, regulates the practice of many other professions, such as a pharmaceutical technician or a podiatrist.

The first reading of the bill on certain medical professions took place on May 9. Then the members pointed out the need to regulate the profession of speech therapist in a separate law.

Also representatives of other clubs is PIS aware of their amendments aimed at removing this group from the bill. The need for other changes relating, for example, to dietitians and clarification of provisions relating to pharmacy technicians was also indicated.

Speech therapist isolation committee from the medical professions group

On Thursday, the members of the Health Committee approved the amendment by 31 votes, recommending that the speech pathologist be removed from the medical professions group. The committee was unanimous on this point. An amendment to add a new profession – addiction treatment coach – was also approved by 25 votes “in favour”.

The Health Committee recommends that the speech pathologist be removed from the group of medical professionsTVN Facts

The committee did not accept proposed amendments that would include, for example, a dental technician, a hospital orderly, a medical secretary, and a medical laboratory technician in the medical professions.

The law applies to the following medical professions: dental assistant, nutritionist, electro-radiologist, dental hygienist, speech therapist, masseur, medical assistant, optometrist, orthopedist, podiatrist, preventive medicine specialist, hearing care specialist, dental technician, technician Pharmacist, Orthopedic Technician, Medical Sterilization Technician and Occupational Therapist.

Draft law regulating the work of 17 medical professions

The aim of the project – as indicated in the justification – is to regulate the conditions and principles for the practice of medical professions, which have not yet been covered by legal regulations, as well as issues related to professional development, record and professional responsibility for these professions. the people.

According to the project, a mechanism will be established to ensure access to the medical profession only for professionals with appropriate qualifications and competencies.

According to the Ministry of Health, which prepared the draft, this will ensure employment in the health care system of highly qualified and qualified medical personnel, and the provision of health services in a professional and reliable manner. This – as emphasized in the justification – will increase the health safety of patients and will affect the high level of health services provided.

Some speech therapists claim that because of the bill regulating the work of 17 medical professions, in many cases they will soon have to close their offices. The Ministry of Health claims that a speech therapist will be able to perform professional activities under an employment contract, a civil law contract, a job And finally – as a healing entity.

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