The fortieth anniversary of the priestly ordination of Fr. Stanislaw Sucholek. The priest died under mysterious circumstances. The restored monument was unveiled

On Sunday (June 18), the Bialystok branch of the Institute of Remembrance organized celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Fr. Stanisław Suchowolec and the unveiling of the renovated memorial. The place of the event was the parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Dogledy.

The co-organizers of the ceremony are: the Club of Detained and Repressed Prisoners, the Podlaskie Voivode and the Marshal of the Podlaskie District.


– The Institute of Remembrance carried out a social initiative that Stanislav Korolkovic brought to us to renovate the monument to the tomb of Fr. Stanisław Suchowolec, who died under circumstances not officially explained. However, all clues point to it being deeply hidden in the structures of the SB, the so-called Group D.Fr. Sucholek was not the only person who lost his life in unexplained circumstances at that time – explains the director of the Bialystok Institute of National Remembrance, Marek Jedinak.

And he confirms that on the fortieth anniversary of his priestly ordination, the Institute of National Remembrance adopted this popular social idea to restore the priest’s monument and remind him as an activist around whom all social groups united.

– It is very significant that he was treated as a spiritual successor to Bl. the father. Jerzy Popiluchko. And indeed, about Fr. Sucholek gathered in Dogledy, and earlier in Okopi, representatives of Solidarity, KPN and Workers’ Pastoral Welfare. Through the renovated monument we remind him of his personality, but in addition, thanks to a pamphlet (distributed during the ceremony) with a text from the professor. Krzysztof Sychowicz on the life of Fr. Suchowolec, leaves a lasting trace of today’s event. The memory of the festivities fades, but this booklet lives on (there is an online and paper version). You can access it, use it, and remember it, Marek Jedinak emphasizes.

As part of the ceremony, there was also a memorial race “The Way to Freedom” (in the park next to the Lubomirsky Palace), where the track was open to everyone, regardless of age, and all participants were awarded a medal.
in. 4:00 p.m. Mass was held in the parish church. In the intention of the Fatherland, and an hour later the monument to Fr. SuchWolx. The event ended with a national concert.

Let’s remember. the father. Stanisław Sucholek, having been ordained a priest, became vicar in the parish of his father’s house. Jerzy Popiluchko. when about. Popiełuszko saw his parents for the last time, and said: “Mom, don’t worry, because if, God forbid, something happens to me, Stashik will unravel.”. Through friendship with Fr. Jerzy was under surveillance by the secret police, and he was threatened that he would end up like Popiełuszko. After Popieluszko’s death at the hands of the Security Service in 1984, Fr. Sucholics organized patriotic masses for the homeland in Sochula. He continued his activities after moving to the parish in Dogledy. He died in a fire in the vicarage in 1989, under mysterious circumstances.

Bialystok. Seventh round commemoration fr. Stanislaw Sucholek. K…

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