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Friday 26 May 2023 (00:05)

Mary wants to kindle the fire of living faith in our hearts. On June 17, Licheń will host the first National Focus Day of the Flame of Love movement for the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Flame of Love movement of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a reaction to the special revelations of Mary and Jesus, revealed by the mystic Elżbieta Kindelman in the city of … Hungary in the years 1961-1983. In Poland, it began to develop in the 1980s, when the first parts of Soul Diary were published in Polish. Today it covers several thousand people. The groups that live this message include: in Kalisz, Pisz, Jawor, Pozna and Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

A year ago, the “Spiritual Diary” of Elżbieta Kindelman was published entirely in Polish, thanks to which the content of the letter became universally accessible in Poland.

The Flame of Love Movement for the Immaculate Heart of Mary was founded in Hungary. In 2009, Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, approved it. It is very active in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, South America and Singapore. This year, the main coordinator for the entire world will be appointed to the United States.

On the charisma of the movement, Fr. Dariusz Dąbrowski COr, priest of the chapel complex at St. Philippa Nerea, lawyer, donor of retreat, missionary of mercy, who will lead the Day of Remembrance in Lecce.

– The movement of the Flame of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was born from the words of the Mother of God. Mary wants the flame of love that burns in her heart, which is Jesus Christ, to pass from the heart to the human heart. So the crux of the message from … is to live the true faith and pass it on to others. The apparitions began at a time when a powerful crisis was entering the spiritual life of the Church and the world through secularization. The Mother of God acts in advance. From the message itself to its realization, there is always a period of time that we can clearly see, for example, in the apparitions of Fatima. The requests that Our Lady addressed to the world in Fatima needed many years to be carried out, as did the idea of ​​the flame of love. Mary calls for the union of hearts to Jesus through her Immaculate Heart – explains Fr. Darius Dabrowski. He points out that the idea of ​​movement is heart-to-heart, so faith is transmitted personally and with love, following the example of Mary, with motherly warmth. Elbieta Kindelman had a very difficult life story. At the age of eleven, she lost her parents. I unsuccessfully tried to join a religious group. At the age of seventeen she married and had six children. At the age of 33, she was widowed and had many educational failures.

– Facing various failures, including parental failure, and difficulties with children, Elbita Kindelman hears Jesus’ words: “I want you to keep understanding the warmth of love, even when your children are gone, so that your heart is like a home that always waits for them.” These are beautiful and important words today for many parents who sometimes look helpless in the face of their children’s moral decisions, wondering what to do, how to behave. Heaven itself refers to keeping an understanding of the warmth of love in your heart, so as to create space for children to return to live by faith, to find the way to the Lord God. This is also a very important element of the message from …, very current today. When young people leave the Church, in fact, the fathers, with their living faith and understanding of love, pass on to them the flame of love capable of rekindling their hearts for Jesus. God works with persuasive power, with love, not force. Darius Dabrowski.

As he points out, persistence in prayer brings change, first of all, in personal life, and then in family, social and national life.

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