The businessman invented the “elixir of youth”. He drinks it every day

as he claims 52-year-old man From the city of Nhan Tham Tay in Trang Province before the start of the “treatment” He felt very weak.

He struggled with it every single day Feeling tired and nauseous. That’s when he got the idea Make a drinkwho eats Twice a day.

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According to Nannon, the cocktail saves him The necessary nutrients for the body. It acts, among other things, on the nervous system and cleanses the blood. The guy got the idea from “ancient wisdom”.

Hard to find ingredients

Although it seems that Crocodile blood It can be difficult to get it in the market, entrepreneur has found a solution for that. Product delivered by Local farmer and crocodile breeder Wanchai Chaikerd.

supplier has Freshwater crocodile farm And as he confirms in an interview with, this also happens to him from time to time Drink crocodile blood.

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According to Wanchai, he drank such a drink It has a positive effect on improving blood circulationand the production of red blood cells, and even Helps treat infertility.

Expensive habits

Despite the fact that crocodiles reach large sizes, they are still reptiles They don’t have much blood. Wanchai Chaikerda claims that you can “squeeze” out of the animal 100 ml onlyWhat corresponds One or two doses of the “elixir”.

According to the breeder blood request It has increased significantly since it started Promote drinking such a drink. The current dose is approx 200 to 300 baht, i.e. PLN 24-36.

There is no scientific evidence

It is noteworthy that there is no There is no scientific researchany He will confirm the effectiveness of the “elixir of youth” Promoted by a Thai businessman.

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Although Rasacorn Nanon argues that she feels better after drinking it, she does Research does not confirm this Or at least Opinions of specific doctors.

You can find information about it online Crocodile blood composition Among other things there germicidal particles Recognition Enzymes that break down some fats. No though No evidence On the benefits of its consumption, not to mention About combination with alcohol.


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