“The Beginning of the World, or His Birthday” at the Theater Academy. Students will sing songs related to their birthdays

In the Jan Wilkowski School Theater, from May 27 to 30, you will be able to see the last musical performance of fourth-year students of the acting direction “The Beginning of the World or Birthday” dir. Maria Schnell. We’ll hear the greatest hits of the 90’s.Songs by artists like T. Love, Varius Manx, Hey, Maanam, Raz Dwa Trzy or caliber 44.

All songs appearing in the performance were selected according to a special key.

– This is a very subtle switch, – confirms Maria Senel, director of the show. – Both of these songs were on the charts, not necessarily at number one, exactly this week, the day each of our actors was born. Everyone sings a song from their birthday.

Students will sing songs about growing up, leaving home, losing youthful dreams, searching for oblivion and being trapped in the past. But also about wasted time, cheating, complexes, letting go, moral judgments, and manipulation. And many other equally important issues. Most performers have only recently discovered these songs, or have gone back and looked at them anew. Because they didn’t necessarily remember her from their childhood. But they’ve been there – right from the start with them. They were on radio, television and cassette tapes. They subconsciously absorbed it, just like everything that was going on at the time. Then, between 1994 and 1999, when they were born one after the other. With the passage of time and the difficulty of understanding its frames – the creators of the show also touch on the 80s and 2000s, and it is inspired by memories of actresses and actors, songs from the 90s and hunology.

– I sing the song “Czarna Aniz” by Rez Dua Tarazi, – says Ewa Duan, one of the actresses. – It was a success in 1999, the year you were born. I knew the band but not this particular song. Discovering it, and relating it to my family history, took me back to my roots, my Vietnamese roots. Because I myself am of half Vietnamese descent.

In the play, Ewa plays a saleswoman of Vietnamese descent who tells the story of a statuette.

– While working, we returned to the memories of our parents, to those years in which we were born and collected the personal experiences of our mother, father or brothers, – the student adds. On this basis, we created some scenes. It was very exciting to go back to how it was when we were born.

Piotr Gadomski also performs. He sings the song “Film” by Caliber 44.

– I didn’t know her when she was on the charts, – assures Pyotr Jadomsky. But it takes me back to high school. My attitude to the world at the time, typical teenage rebellion, somehow accompanied me while working on this piece. He was rebelling against parents, rebelling against being at home. This song contained those explanations somewhere – along with those memories from middle school.

Pyotr adds that in the song he speaks of his desire to be away from home, from his parents – into this world, which always seems more interesting than the one he is in at the moment.

The show will take place May 27 at 16, May 28 at 18-29 and May 30 at 19. Tickets can be booked by phone Monday-Friday 9-15 (Tel: 85743 54 53). Its cost is PLN 15-30.

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