The attack can start tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or a week later. ” Danilov about the plans of Ukraine

The Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, said that “Kiev is ready to launch a counteroffensive against Russian forces”. The politician did not mention a date, but indicated that the offensive to retake the lands from the occupying forces could start “tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or a week later.” “We have no right to make mistakes,” he said. “This is a historic moment.”

– Ukraine is ready for the long-awaited start Counterattack against the Russian forces He said in an interview with BBC Oleksey Danilov.

Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine He did not give an exact date, but he did mention an attack to retake the territory from the president’s occupying forces Russian President Vladimir Putin It can start at any time.

Ukraine’s counterattack. Danilov: This is a historic opportunity

Danilov stated that the government of Ukraine “He has no right to make a mistakeOn the decision to counterattack because it is a “historic opportunity” that “we must not lose.”

– The armed forces will launch the attack when the commanders see that This is the right moment to achieve the best result – peace. – We are always ready. We were also ready to defend our country at any time.

– It would be strange if I gave a date for the beginning of this or that event. The Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine explained that our country faces a very important task.

Ukraine’s counterattack. Danilov: We don’t have days off during this war

Danilov dismissed suggestions that a counterattack had already begun, saying that “Destroying Russian control centers and Russian military equipment“It has been the task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since February 24 last year – since the day Russia launched its invasion.

“We don’t have free time during this war,” he said.

The politician also defended the decision of the Ukrainian military, To fight in Bakhmut for many months.

“Bashmut is our land, our land, and we had to fight there,” he said. “If we start to leave every area, it could lead to that.” us to our western border – Danilov warned.

The Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine also said that he was “absolutely calm” about it Russia will start placing nuclear weapons in Belarus. “This is nothing new for us,” he explained.

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interview He is interrupted by a call from President ZelenskyWho summoned Danilov to a meeting.

As reported by the BBC, Ukraine has been planning a counterattack for months. He plans the attack so that he has as much time as possible to train troops and receive equipment military from the Western Allies.


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