The assistants pushed, and the driver tried to brake. Saleh ended up at the pole. registration

A group of young people, two girls and a boy, wanted to help a driver whose car broke down at the intersection of Sieradzka and Rzgowska Streets in Łódź. The video, which has been posted online, shows that good intentions combined with poor coordination of actions on the part of the driver led to the car being driven straight into the pole.

The video, which was broadcast online via the Stop Cham service, shows the car stopped in the middle of the intersection. A group of young men ran towards the driver, who was standing next to the open door. They position themselves behind the car and begin to push it so that the car no longer obstructs traffic. For the first few seconds, the movement went very smoothly: the driver, who was still walking with the door open, turned the steering wheel so that his car easily overtook the one in front.

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Unfortunately, then – as you can see in the movie – the situation gets out of hand. The young people continue to push the car, but the driver no longer watches its course: he closes the door and grabs the front beam on which the window is attached. The man desperately tries to brake the car before the inevitable crash into a traffic light pole on the sidewalk.

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In the recording, we can see that his efforts cannot achieve a good result: first – the braking method chosen by the driver does not work; Second – the poor communication with the young people helping him meant that when the driver wanted to brake, they were still pushing the car with all their might.

After a while there was a collision. The speed of the car being pushed was so great that the bumper and hood of the car buckled at the moment of impact.

And before the author of the recording turned away from the scene of the accident, he also recorded that the youths helped the driver to pull the car away from the pole on which the car had previously been pushed.

The search continued in the Lodz Gorna area

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