The 42nd International Festival of Orthodox Church Music “Hajnówka 2023” has kicked off. You can hear choirs from all over the world. And it’s free

The 42nd International Festival of Orthodox Church Music “Hajnówka 2023” has kicked off in Białystok. Until Sunday, in the Concert Hall of the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic, on ul. Podleśna 2 in Białystok, choirs from all over the world will perform – M. From USA, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Kazakhstan. The organizer is the Foundation “Orthodox Music” in Hajnówka.

– The 42nd edition of the festival is a continuation of our idea of ​​presenting and promoting the exceptional spiritual and artistic values ​​of Orthodox church music in its context as part of the world’s achievements, with a special focus on the work of Polish composers, from the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to the present – says Mikołaj Boszko, festival director. – During this year’s festival, we present Orthodox church music from the beginnings of Christianity to the present day.

On Friday and Saturday, we will have two days of competitive auditions with the participation of choirs from eight countries, starting with choirs from the United States and ending with the State Opera Choir from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Choirs from Europe, Asia and North America will also perform. There will be amateur and professional categories. The festival will end on May 28th. in. The jury’s verdict will be heard and the winners will receive prizes. In turn, the concert will begin at 4 p.m.

– All listeners of our concerts are invited to performances, mostly free of charge, – adds Irina Parfinyuk, director of the organizational bureau. – The exception is the concert. It is a tribute to the people of Bialystok. We fund a free festival and beautiful concerts.

The festival is the premier event in the world presenting Orthodox church music from the beginning of Christianity to the modern era, with a special focus on music created by composers from the Republic of Poland. During the festival, church music is performed by choirs regardless of nationality and religion – secular choirs, Orthodox believers, Catholics, Roman Catholics, Old Believers, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, adherents of Judaism. It has been held continuously since 1982.

Festival programme:

May 25,
time. 18.30 – Opening of the exhibition “Maestro Penderecki and the Festival” and the opening of the festival. The opening ceremony will be “The Deficit of East and West in the Music of Krzysztof Penderecki” performed by the Warsaw National Philharmonic Choir.
May 26,
time. 17 – Competition tests:
1 – Old Believers Group – Riga, Yekapils (Latvia)
2 – Coptic Choir “David’s Lyre” – Norristown (Pennsylvania, USA)
3 – Byzantine Choir – Iasi (Romania)
4 – Art Fox Women’s Choir – Chisinau (Moldova)
time. 19 – Concert of Church Music in Belarus. “Mahutny Boża” – The Lyrical Soul of Belarus and the “Concordia” Choir – Warsaw (Free Belarus) will perform
May 27
time. 16 – Competition tests:
1. Orthodox singers – Tallinn (Estonia)
2 – Chamber Choir – Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)
3 – Byzantine Choir of Athens – Athens (Greece)
4 – Choir Hall “Credo” – Lutsk (Ukraine)
5 – Astana Opera Choir – Astana (Kazakhstan)
time. 19- The accompanying party
“Kazakhstan Choral Music”
State Choir “Opera Astana” – Astana (Kazakhstan)
May 28
The end of the festival
time. 14- Announcing the arbitration committee’s verdict and awarding prizes
time. 16- Gala party

Additional concerts
In Warsaw on May 26 at 18 in the Augsburg Evangelical Church of St. Trójcy (Plac Małachowskiego 1), the 32nd Warsaw Concert of Orthodox Church Music, will begin. There will also be concerts in Ciechanowiec, Narew and Szczuczyn.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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