Tens of thousands of Serbs demonstrated in Belgrade. For the fourth time

Tens of thousands of Serb citizens gathered in Belgrade to protest the violence. The demonstrators surrounded the headquarters of the public broadcaster RTS. This is the fourth such protest since the tragic shooting in early May.

Although the protest officially ended at 8 p.m., there were still a large number of protesters around the Serbian Public Radio building, local media reported at around 10 p.m. PST. Dragana Rakić, a member of the opposition parliament, called on protesters to refrain from trying to enter the RTS headquarters.

Plainclothes policemen were immediately deployed. And “N1” reported that the security services were also stationed in front of the Serbian Parliament building.

A protest in SerbiaEnvironmental Protection Agency/Andrej Kocic

People gathered in front of RTS wanted to persuade the Public Broadcasting Administration to cover the protests and present the demands of the demonstrators: change the interior minister and the head of the Serbian intelligence service, change the composition of the institution responsible for electronic media, close tabloid newspapers that promote violence, revoke the licenses for national coverage of two pro-government television stations.

Mass protests of shooting

population Serbia Part of the opposition, critical of the government’s response to the mass shootings at the start of the month, called for a protest on Saturday. The demonstrators chanted: “Resignation” and “Fucichu go”. Serbian President Aleksandar Vecic has previously described similar protests as “the politicization of the tragedy”. The Minister of Education has already resigned.

In early May At a school in central Belgrade, a 13-year-old student killed nine people and injured six others.One of them died a few days later in the hospital. A day later, in a village in central Serbia, a 21-year-old killed eight people and injured 14. Both attackers were arrested shortly after the attacks.

Main image source: Environmental Protection Agency/Andrej Kocic

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