Sweets from the time of the People’s Republic of Poland. Do you remember their taste? Check out their archive photos! They bring back many memories

Some remember those times with a hint of nostalgia, while others would like to forget them forever. However, for many of us, those were the carefree times of childhood, which are closely related to the joy of eating sweets. At the time of the People’s Republic of Poland, sweets were not as popular as they are now. You had to stand in long lines to get it. They disappeared from store shelves in the blink of an eye. Do you remember the candy flavors from those years? Take a look at our photo gallery… Maybe your memories will come back from years gone by!

Many of us remember our childhood with feelings and a hint of nostalgia. Back then, in the carefree years of the People’s Republic of Poland, our worlds centered around simple pleasures, like playing in the yard, long summer evenings, and, of course, candy. Although sweets were not as readily available as they are today, their taste and aroma still evoke sweet memories in us. Let’s take a trip together into the past and remember the favorite sweets of those times.

In our photo gallery you will find photos of sweets, the factories where they are made and shopping stalls with sweets. We invite you to travel to the past!

Although sweets were not readily available in the time of the Polish People’s Republic, many of the flavors are still remembered today. Ba! Some of them can still be found on store shelves. What?

  • Fudge Caramels It was a true childhood classic. These little creamy caramels were a real treat for our taste buds. Its delicate taste and softness melted in our mouths, giving us great pleasure. Every time we pulled another caramel out of the packaging, we felt time stop and joy fill our hearts.
  • Tasty – These sophisticated sponge cakes covered in chocolate and fruit filling were a true luxury. Surrounded by children and adults, Delicje became the main characters in our family meetings. The crunchy sponge cake, sweet chocolate coating, and rich fruit filling created a perfect blend of flavors that pampered our palates.
  • marshmallow No one can resist this little piece of paradise. Ptasie Mleczko is a fluffy foam dipped in delicate chocolate. Although availability was limited, as soon as it appeared in stores, it instantly sold out like hot cakes. Its unique taste made us want to stop time and enjoy this sweetness forever.
  • Prince Polo Bar – It was a real hit with kids and teens. Bars with crispy wafers and delicious chocolate were our daily food. Whatever the occasion, Prince Polo is always in your pocket
  • chocolate barrels – These little chocolate barrels were a real treasure among the desserts of that time. The interior filled with cream or nuts provided us with a unique taste. While it was hard to come by, once we got the package, we felt like our efforts were being rewarded with sweet heaven.
  • Cream puffs – At all kinds of parties and celebrations, cream puffs have always been in the first place. These small puff-shaped biscuits were filled with pudding cream, and their taste and taste made them an inseparable item in our memories of those days. Its crunchy texture and creamy interior created a magical experience for our taste buds.

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