Swędrowski and Drzyzga with Telekamera 2023!

Tomasz Swędrowski and Wojciech Drzyzga won Telekamera 2023 in the “Sports Commentator” category. Polsat Sport experts have been commentating on Polish volleyball’s greatest successes for years and leading reporters through events such as the World Cup or the Champions League Finals.

Volleyball commentators and experts from Polsat Sport won Telekamera 2023! Tomasz Sudrowski and Wojciech Drzyzga, who have been the leading “Polish volleyball voices” for years, received an award in the 26th edition of the prestigious Telekamery Poll in the “Sports Commentator” category. Other nominees in the same category were: Sylvia Deckert, Jacek Laskowski, Rafael Patera, Sebastian Szczucny, Mateusz Schwiecki and Andrzej Twarowski.

The podium was taken by Rafael Patera (15 percent of the vote) and Sebastian Szczesny (17 percent). The distinguished Swędrowski and Drzyzga received 25 percent of the votes cast by the chapter members.

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Last year, Polsat’s sports editorial office had reasons to celebrate. During the official ceremony accompanying the 25th edition of Telekamer, exceptional prizes went to Polsat Sport and Jerzy Mielewski. The oldest sports channel in Poland was awarded the “25th Anniversary Thematic Channel”. And the Golden Telecamera went to Jerzy Mielewski, who had no equal in the last three editions in the category “Sports Commentator”.

Communications cameras have been delivered since 1998. This year, voters can support their favorites in the Actor, Actress and Series categories. In the remaining categories, the members of the branch and representatives of the Power Publishing House cast their votes. Private communication cameras were also shown.

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