Support for silos 2023. A call for applications to support farmers in building grain silos will start soon

The call for applications for subsidies for silos will start in the first days of June 2023. In April, the Ministry of Agriculture published a draft regulation on subsidizing farmers who decided to build a new silo. The maximum support for farmers who buy grain and oilseed storage silos and their equipment is in the tens of thousands of zlotys. Until when can applications for secluded financing be submitted?


The support program, which will be funded by the National Reconstruction Plan, provides assistance to farmers who will purchase a new silo to store grain, corn or rapeseed, as well as new equipment and devices that are an integral part of the silo. Therefore, the additional cost also applies to fans, temperature or humidity sensors, blowers, electric heaters, loading or shipping piping and their support. Support also to cover assembly and transportation.

There was an announcement by the ARMA President about the planned hiring to support farmers to purchase and assemble silos with equipment. Applications can be submitted from June 5 to July 5, 2023 The granting of this assistance is to improve the situation of storage infrastructure, and this will increase the resilience of farms in the face of crises.

  • Farmers who received direct payments in 2022 will be able to apply for the funds.
  • It is important that they have the right to dispose of the real estate in which they plan to carry out the investment.
  • Assistance would be to purchase a new silo and its integrated hardware or equipment, such as fans or software.
  • The support will also cover assembly and transportation.

The regulation states that up to 60% can be refunded. Eligible costs – purchase of silo and its equipment – in the case of small farmers, 50 per cent. Eligible costs to other farmers, with the support limit being:

  • 60,000 PLN – in the case of a young farmer;
  • 50,000 Polish zlotys For other applicants.

The call for subsidy applications for silos will be implemented by the Agency for the Restructuring of Agriculture and its modernization in the information and communication technology (PUE) system.

The draft regulation states that subsidy will be granted to a farmer who is a natural person if he fulfills the following conditions:

  • Adult
  • received direct payments for 2022 within the meaning of the February 5, 2015 Act on Payments Under Direct Support Plans;
  • has the right to dispose of the property for construction purposes in respect of the plot of land on which the silo covered by the support is to be installed;
  • An identification number was assigned in accordance with the provisions of the Law of December 18, 2003 on the National System of Producer Register, Farm Register and Payment Order Registry.

Support will be granted for projects whose implementation does not last more than 12 months from the date of conclusion of the support agreement and for a period not exceeding October 31, 2024. Additional conditions include the beneficiary’s undertaking that he will maintain the effects of the project for at least 5 years.

Supporting the creation of new grain storage spaces is to contribute to the shortening and diversification of the supply chain. The new infrastructure for storing grains or oilseeds is expected to increase the ability of farms to adapt to current and future crises in agricultural markets.


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