sunny and warm. Weekend weather

Although temperatures dropped below freezing in some parts of the country Friday night through Saturday, the weather will be positively surprising over the weekend. It will be sunny and warm.

Saturday promises to be sunny. The temperature across the country will be around 20 degrees. The coldest will be in the voivodships (Warmisko-Mazurskie and Podlaskie), the minimum temperature there may be 15 ° C. The warmest are in the Zachodnioporskie and Pomorskie Voivodships, where the temperature may rise up to 22 degrees Celsius.

Saturday will be sunny. Only the morning in the foothills of the Carpathians and the Carpathian Mountains can bring more clouds. Winds are weak and moderate, north and northeast. Forecasters do not expect any storms inside the state.

As mentioned imgwThe sunny and dry weather should continue throughout the weekend. It is associated with light winds and high atmospheric pressure It will have a beneficial effect on the human body.

the experts announced on Sunday High pressure flow from central Lithuania. The cold arctic sea air will come in from the west. The pressure will slowly start to drop.

look: weather. Rain and hail in parts of Poland, but a sudden rise in temperatures over the weekend

The weather won’t change anytime soon. Weather report on a sunny Sunday. There will still be plenty of sunshine over the country. The temperature will reach 17 degrees in the far south of the country, Up to 22 ° C in the center and north.

Light and moderate windsMainly from the eastern and northern directions. In Małopolskie and Podkarpackie, especially in the east of the region and in the mountains, showers may occur.

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