Summer flying season is upon us. Find out when you are entitled to compensation for a canceled or delayed flight. What amounts are we talking about?

The summer air travel season has arrived. During the summer months of last year, 30 percent. Flights from Polish airports were disrupted, and more than 240 flights were canceled in July and August alone. However, passengers do not know their rights and this applies not only to Poland. 85 percent of airline passengers don’t know their rights, so they don’t enforce them. – More than 47,000 According to EU regulations, passengers departing from Polish airports are entitled to compensation for a delayed or canceled flight – Tomaz Paulizin, AirHelp tells us.


According to AirHelp’s 2022 Summer Statistics, for planes departing in July and August from Polish airports More than 2.5 million people are on board. 70 percent of flights were made on timewhich means that more than 1.7 million passengers traveled as planned.

However, these statistics show it 30 percent of flights from Polish airports were disrupted, 2% of them. Flights were delayed more than three hours. On the other side 242 flights were canceled in two months. These events thwarted the plans of more than 800,000 travelers.

Last year’s statistics show that more than 47,000 passengers departing from Polish airports are entitled to compensation for delayed or canceled flights. Karolina Michtal / Polska Press

– We know last year’s statistics, which show that more than 47,000 people travel with them Polish airportsAccording to EU regulations protecting the rights of air travelers, compensation is due for a delayed or canceled flight – explains Thomas Paulizin, CEO of AirHelp, in an interview with Strefa Biznesu.

As he explains, if our flight has been delayed or canceled in the past three years or we have been denied boarding, We are entitled to compensation in the amount of up to up to 600 euros. – Unfortunately, in Poland and throughout Europe, passengers usually do not know their rights. According to our research, about 85% of passengers do not know their rights – he says and admits that this is mainly due to the lack of information available.

“Some travelers think they have no rights, some have heard of them, but at the same time they don’t have much confidence that they will be able to recover anything thanks to them,” he says.

It also explains, if we are late to call because of the delay A flightIt is the airline’s responsibility to find an alternative flight to your final destination. In addition, Passengers are entitled to flight delay compensation under European law. If your arrival time at your final destination exceeds the time indicated on your ticket by more than three hours, you can claim up to €600 in compensation. – In the case of a family of 4, we already have a lot of money, – he adds.

As Pawliszyn shows us, amount amount, the maximum that was set at 600 euros, depending on the distance we were supposed to travel through the airlines. And so he states that close distances, such as from Warsaw to neighboring countries, would amount to such compensation 250 eurosQ, in the case of other flights, for example to Spain, France or Italy, we can count on it 400 euros. However, in the case of more distant destinations – to the Canary Islands or Egypt, we are entitled to the full amount 600 euros.

– In 2012 The European Court of Justice has declared that air travelers have the right to compensation for long-haul flight delaysProvided that certain conditions are met. The ruling was an important turning point for the disaffected PassengersBecause it allowed them to claim compensation, he explains.

The expert suggests that when we know that our flight has been canceled or delayed, and that we are at the airport, the first thing we should do is go to our airlines check-in desk and inquire about the cause of the complications, then ask what the advice is on how to act. passengerE – The carrier may ask us for a moment of patience and wait – explain.

– However, if we know the reason for the cancellation and it is on the part of the airline, then we must apply for compensation, – he explains. “Some flights are delayed or canceled due to the airport itself or airspace restrictions, and we are not entitled to compensation in this case,” he says.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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