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Selection to the All-Rookie Team

I was just selected to the second rookie team. It’s a great honor for me. So many people have written to congratulate me, and I really appreciate that. At the same time, I feel that individual awards are not as important to me as winning or further development, so it always feels a bit strange. I’m happy with this award, but I’m not very excited. I think to myself: “Thank you, but now is the time to act.” Prizes are prizes, but I want to win!

Work began in the off-season

It’s very important to stay in shape between seasons, so I train a lot in San Antonio. A typical week for me is two days of training, then a day off, two days of training again, and then the weekend. I usually start training early in the morning and until 12 or 1pm I work on my body and its fitness, but I also watch different videos, talk to coaches, analyze recordings from matches and do individual exercises.

At the moment, one of the most important things I focus on is throwing. I am working on becoming a better and more effective shooter. This is really important to me. As for my throw, I’m not in the business of completely changing my technique or making major changes. It’s more about analyzing my throws and looking for improvements in detail.

From improving the end of the shot, the way the ball is held, to the left-handed position, it’s all about being more consistent in those little things and repeatability, making more and more shots the same. These are the details that will help me.

The NBA Summer League is approaching and I feel like my ball responsibilities will only increase.

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