state-backed loans. The minister announces the assistance of companies that buy grains and fruits

A state-supported loan for companies that buy grain and soft fruits from Polish farmers and fruit growers – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Robert Tellos announced this assistance. The government is currently working on a regulation on this issue.

On Radio Polskie 24, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture announced that the government is preparing a regulation on working capital loans for companies buying grain and soft fruits. It is approximately “up to PLN 40 million at 2 percent for 18 months, the rest will be paid by the state.”

Businesses that want to benefit from the loan have to buy grains and soft fruits from Polish farmers and fruit growers.

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– Small businesses that bought from a Polish farmer (…) are buried. This is why we want to help small businesses that buy from a Polish farmer get the money to buy from a farmer in (…) the new harvest, grain perspective. So, a new loan for the purchase of businesses – up to PLN 40 million for a period of 18 months. This is new, Telus announced.

Tellos: The European Union must allow us to mobilize our own money

When asked when the regulation will come into effect, he explained: “The decision has been made, but we have to wait for the notification.”

The European Union must allow us to mobilize our money. We have issued, as a state, PLN 10 billion in grain aid and we are getting into soft fruit. it’s a problem. We have to ask the European Union about everything. This is how the mechanism works. But they must say, he added, all our thoughts are positively advised.

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Robert Tellos also said he is in constant contact with the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, with whom he had another meeting this afternoon.


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