Sovereign Poland in defense of the money

Friday 26 May 2023 (12:17)

Cash means freedom, independence and identity – argued politicians in sovereign Poland during today’s press conference.

“Money exists physically, banknotes can be touched, a banknote does not lose value, and it can be used to pay anyone and anywhere. Cash is freedom and independence from government, politicians, companies and banks. Freedom to decide what We do it, to whom we sell, to whom we buy.

He added that the project to maintain the current monetary turnover limit, which was submitted on Thursday for further work in the House of Representatives, “won today a positive opinion from all political forces” at the meeting of the Public Finance Committee. “We have prepared a project to defend criticism, to abolish the monetary limits imposed by the Polish regime. We have presented it together with our colleagues from the Law and Justice party.

“We are defending consumers against more bank fees,” said Marios Kaone, who said that if only electronic trading remained, “banks will tax every transaction.” He added that “Europe today is shaken not only by military warfare, but also by hybrid warfare and cybersecurity attacks” and attacks on banking systems can cripple electronic transactions.

The head of the political cabinet of the Minister of Justice, Marcin Sawwicki, argued that “cash is also an identity”, and without money “it would be much easier to introduce even the euro”.

On Thursday, during the first reading, the House of Representatives voted in favor of further work on Parliament’s draft amendment to the Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax Act. Provides for the repeal of regulations that lower the cash payment limit from PLN 15,000 to PLN 8,000. PLN, as well as the introduction of the obligation to pay via a bank account by the consumer, when the value of the transaction with the entrepreneur exceeds PLN 20,000. zlotys.

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