Significant changes in penalty points

The House of Representatives voted on Friday in favor of laws that make important changes to drivers. Paid training to reduce six penalty points is back, and information on points disappears from central records after a year, not after two. The changes also apply to penalties for not registering a vehicle.

On Friday, the House of Representatives voted to accept some of the Senate’s amendments to the amendment, which, among other things, would increase passenger safety in transit on the app. The law also includes important regulations for drivers, including penalty points.

Changes in penalty points

The new regulations restore legal status before 2022. The regulation introduces a provision whereby information on the number of points earned, collected in the central registry, will be deleted after one year, not two.

– It was a year, we extended it to two years, now the change says to reduce it to a year again. This is also due to our analysis, which clearly shows that the percentage of drivers who are at risk of this is very small. We have every reason to believe that it is professional drivers who commit offenses, and these have more to do with the pace, and not necessarily with the fact that these are very serious breaches of the law, than with the fact that they are in fact road pirates. This seems to be a rational direction of change. This is something that will not reduce road safety, but will help those who make their living in this way. For such a person, the lack of a driver’s license is simply a lack of earning opportunities, – explained the Minister of Digitalization in the Senate Janusz Ciesinski.

The regulation also restores paid training, which allows you to reduce six penalty points. This solution – a maximum of once every six months – will be available to drivers who have held a driver’s license for at least one year.

The bill will now go to the president’s desk Andrey Duda.

Penalty for not registering the vehicle

Also on Friday, the House of Representatives passed a law amending some of the acts in order to limit some of the effects of identity theft. The Senate will now deal with the regulation.

The government proposed changes to the law, including: expediting the return of driver’s licenses to drivers in the event that administrative procedures are halted without the need for the involvement of local government bodies. The return of the registration document held must also be facilitated by enabling its return electronically at the vehicle inspection station, and not, as is currently the case, at the staroste, after the physical receipt of the document.

A fixed amount of the fine was also set for non-compliance with the obligation to register the vehicle and to notify the sale of the vehicle. Currently, it should be in the range from 200 to 1000. zlotys.

After the changeover, it will be PLN 500 for the car owner who has not submitted an application for car registration within 30 days, and PLN 250 for the registered car owner who has not notified the star that the car has been sold.

Mandatory stickers

The obligation to place stickers on the vehicle window authorizing entry to the Clean Transportation Zone will also be abolished. The legal status of vehicles that are no longer really there and are no longer on the road must also be arranged, in order to protect citizens from judicial procedures for not having third party liability insurance.

In addition, the changes aim to make it easier for citizens to access information collected in the national database on car insurance contracts held by the Insurance Guarantee Fund, including the mObywatel app. This will allow participants in an accident or collision to immediately check the insurance contracts of the participants in the event.

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