Shocking beach scenes. Moroccan tried to kidnap a child

A Moroccan citizen tried to steal a child from a mother relaxing on the Ibiza beach (illustrative photo)

A Moroccan citizen twice tried to kidnap a girl who was with her mother on a beach in Ibiza. The man allegedly kissed the child on the face and walked with him in the sea. An off-duty policeman who was resting by the water responded to his mother’s screams. Spanish law enforcement officials said the suspect has been arrested.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning at Talamanca Beach in Ibiza, Spain. A Moroccan national attempted to kidnap a two-year-old girl who was brought ashore by her mother. According to The Sun, the man allegedly kissed the child on the face.

The mother immediately noticed her daughter’s disappearance and raised the alarm. After a while, I was able to get the baby back. The woman decided to move with him to another part of the beach.

The man kidnapped the child twice. conditional intervention

However, a change of sunbathing spot did not stop the attacker. Moments later, the Moroccan kidnapped the child again and then went with him into the water.

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The frightened mother started screaming. Seeing her, a plainclothes policeman who was resting on the beach intervened Reported by the Spanish authorities.

The Moroccan citizen resisted and rushed towards the officer. “On his arrival at the reinforcements site, he was arrested,” a spokesman for the Balearic police said.

Horrific scenes in Ibiza. Moroccan arrested

The police do not disclose the nationality of the mother or her child. It was not clear when the attacker would be charged.

The man is a suspect children kidnappingAnd sexual assaultAnd resist arrest And Failure to comply with uniform orders A Spanish police spokesman added.


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