She “sued” her parents for fathering her. She herself has children

Kass Theaz from New Jersey (USA) sparked a lively discussion among fans in the comments under the recording posted on the isatandstared channel, in which she explains having children despite previous controversial statements.

And in the video clip, which was viewed nearly 2.5 million times, the American presented her point of view on the matter after seeing the volume of netizens who were upset with her statements.

She begins, “I mentioned in my last video that I went shopping for clothes for my kids and a lot of people were shocked to hear I had kids thinking I sued my parents for hosting without my consent.”

She announces that she is suing her parents. Netizens pointed out her inconsistency

The TikTok wears a simple blue T-shirt with dark hair on the back, and is followed by more than 140,000 bespectacled women on TikTok. People explained that her parents “contributed to her birth” and thus decided to take legal action against them.

“I refused to be here,” Theaz was serious.

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She indicated that she did not realize that she had to grow up and find a job to support herself. She also complained that her parents did not try to contact her before she was born to find out if she really wanted to be born.

“That is why I am suing them,” she said, without a shadow of a doubt, with a grim face. “I know I’ve said before that it’s immoral to have children, but when you adopt them, it’s different… because it’s not my fault they’re here,” she said.

What can I do to avoid a lawsuit from my children? “hiring a middleman”

tiktokerka shared with viewers that she is trying to be a good person, taking responsibility for being a mother and “helping” them. She also advised pregnant women to hire a “medium” to call their unborn child and ask them if they “really want to be here”.

According to Teese, her “life mission” is to teach children to sue their parents “so they don’t have to work.” – But yes, I have children, I adopted them. I got it in a moral way – she admitted.

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Among the commenters on the recording, there were many confused people who couldn’t tell if the tiktoker was serious. “You’re kidding. You have to be kidding,” one user wrote. Another questioned, “Is this really happening?”

Was the anger unfounded?

But someone watching her clip noticed that the “moral mom” had the “sarcastic account” postscript in her TikTok channel description and shared her observations with the rest: “I believed everything she said for a moment,” the netizen wrote in the comments section.

“I thought he was joking,” the New Jersey woman in charge later told The Post.

The American stresses not to believe everything we find on the web. Netizens’ reaction made her realize how easy it is to cause scandal or controversy in today’s world. Few people bother to check something before judging it.

“Although I find it funny. People get nervous about anything. It shows a few people checking something before responding,” admits the author of the viral recording.

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